Rift Quest:The Line that Divides  

The Seastone Bluff can be found be leaving the farmhouse to the east. Once you hit the main road turn southeast and follow it briefly. There is a path that will branch off to your left (northeast). Follow this path the the Seastone Bluff.

As you enter Seastone Bluff cemetery there will be the West Death Idol off to your left (west). Interact with it and then move north to the North Death Idol. After interacting with it cut a path across the cemetery, past the building, to the opposite side where you will find the South Death Idol. When you have interacted with all of the idol proceed into the house here at Seastone Bluff. As you enter there will be a spiral staircase on your right, follow it to the top. Use the Shade Collector at the Planar Flux at the very top of the building to summon Xalos. Slay him and return to Arnald at the Eliam Fields for your reward.

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