Rift Quest:The Saga of the Endless: Tombs of Old  

  1. Destroy Alsbeth's Minions in the Iron Tomb
    • Simple requirement, finish the dungeon, whether or not you have to clear everything is unknown, it is retroactive, finishing the dungeon before having the quest had this requirement completed on once accepted.
  2. Find Alsbeth's Satchel 0/1
    • Alsbeth's Satchel - From the Three Kings: Go north to the end of the hall, past the intersection with the Communications Device, turn left and left again. As you enter the next room the Satchel is in a box in the southeast corner of this room. It does sparkle.
  3. Assist Uriel in Cutting off Communications
    • Complete the saga quest Cutting off Communications by finding the Communication device inside Iron Tomb, Curious Endless Idol is the loot-able object you are looking for which is located after the Three Kings boss fight, in the right dead end at the T junction. (left and right turns are dead ends, take the right one.)
  4. Return to Asha Catari in Meridian to complete this quest line.

Completing this quest rewards you with the Culling the Immortal Army achievement and the prefix title "Harbinger".

Quest Series

To see the whole quest series at a glance, see The Saga of the Endless Guide .

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