Rift Quest:This One is Personal  

The three monsters you must kill for this quest are spread out throughout the entire city of Smith's Haven. Traversing the city can be made easier if you stick to the town walls. The Shade Hounds you find along the perimeter of the city are considerably quicker to kill than the majority of the undead in the middle of the city. Your first stop will be Sergeant Bikesh who can be found in the town tavern. As you enter the town from Denegar's Stand this is the second building on the right. Next on the list will be Lieutenant Ahdrek, he is located outside the eastern exit of the city, at the end of the bridge. Finally you will need to slay Fiendlord Vedigo whom is located at the far northern exit of the city. After you have delivered final death to all three return to March Warden Denegar for your well deserved reward and the continuation of the story quest line.

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