Roekillik (EQ2 Mob Race)  

Type Sentient
L&L Quest Lore and Legend: Roekillik
See the Bestiary for a list of all mobs in this race.

The Roekillik are a group of miners in the mines of the The Thundering Steppes and the The Enchanted Lands, as well as and an instance in Everfrost called The Icy Dig. They've also turned up in Odus since the Spires became active.

There is some debate on whether Roekillik are or are not Ratonga. According to Vhalen [1]:

The Ratonga often emblazon a symbol on their chest. This symbol is always the same and seems to be shared by the race. It may be a link to their secretive past. The symbol appears to be a series of circles, one within another. Closer examination shows unaligned gaps in each circle.

In my journeys through Norrath I have encountered a wandering scholar that believes that another rodent race called the Roekillik carry the same brand, or something quite similar. This scholar seems to think the relation between the two rodent races may uncover more of the mysterious background of the Ratonga. He said he was going to visit the learning centers of the great cities to further his research and share his findings. But he seemed quite busy in the field for the time being. Hopefully he will return with word of his findings. Maybe someday soon. If I run into him again I will let you know if he tells me anything more. hopefully the Ratonga won't find him first.

We are supposed to learn more about the Ratonga in Sentinel's Fate.

Game Update #55
February 16,2010
They have their own Lore and Legend quest.

SOE categorizes some "Roekillik" as Ratonga, while others are classified as Roekillik.

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