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Here we are with another year of Hallow's End and its myriad achievements like Trick or Treat and defeating the Headless Horseman upon us. To commemorate the event, the WoW Admin team at Allakhazam is offering the opportunity for a few of you to grab some free premium and even a chance at a 60-day pre-paid game card for World of Warcraft! [1]

Entries will undergo a rigorous judging process overseen by our content management team. Prior to submitting an entry, please ensure that you read and understand all the information below and send in your screenshots of yourself to us for entry into the contest.

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How To Play

To be a participant, your requirements are pretty easy. You need to find the items listed below after deciphering what they are then send the screenshot showing your character, where you found the item and the location of the item either in your inventory or in your hand (full screen images only). See the image here for an example of what I need to see.

Once you have all 20 items, or think you have all 20 items, you just send them off to and I will go through them (see rules at the bottom for the full details).


Scavenger List

  1. "Not a corpse and not alive, it's dropped from the lair of Razors, creating cold copies of itself in its wake."
  2. "Formed under pressure, this example of indestructibility is prized by artisans for its brilliant luster and rarity."
  3. "Raw, it's cooked to serve the palate. It is protected by that which howls at the moon."
  4. "Demons scrawled on the surface, the health loses its luster and the intellect receives the benefit when used."
  5. "A box without hinges, key or lid, but undiscovered treasure inside is hid."
  6. "Strong as steel but lighter than air, this object of avian flight is found in the wintry north."
  7. "Some call it lucky, the owner would disagree..."
  8. "Cast aside by nature, anglers find it of marginal use..."
  9. "A wrap for the body, the wearing of this shows reverence to one's ancestors."
  10. "While far away, you can return swiftly home."
  11. "The hunt for these is horridly unpleasant but the end result provides you with safety in water."
  12. "Bad for the teeth yet restores the mind and body when eaten”
  13. "Used in the restoral of life to a body of the fallen, only those with the closest ties to the spirit may divine its purpose.”
  14. "Small yet lethal. The whizzing of a bee to the ear yet the thunder of cannon to the body”
  15. "Hammered sheets for the shanks of the mighty.”
  16. "In a land of conflict even the smallest of creations seeks a peaceful resolution to the blossom of combat.
  17. "Those who bolster the mighty open the parchment of the soul to boost their inner power.”
  18. "Glimmering in the light, this precious metal ignites the fire and mind with its value”
  19. "Beautiful yet lethal, the desert ruins hold the secrets of these glimmering, yellow mastication tools.
  20. "By the power of mystic essences, a spell may be cast to bolster player survivability by way of their upper body armor.


To make things a little easier for those of you who don't like jsut riddles, I have a small table showing some of the possible locations of the items. The list is not in order so the first clue could be the ninth item etc. Choose wisely!

Possible Locations
Razorfen Kraul
Ashenvale, Feralas, Duskwood, AQ, Dire Maul, Blackrock Depths
Felwood, Azshara
Auction houses, Any major horde or Alliance City, Shattrath City, Dalaran
Auction houses, Any major horde or Alliance City, Shattrath City, Dalaran
Badlands, Western Plaguelands, Deadwind Pass, Winterspring, Felwood, Alterac Mountains
Dustwallow Marsh, Western Plaguelands, Eastern Plaguelands, Blasted Lands, Ashenvale, Felwood
Winterspring, Deadwind Pass, Alterac Mountains, Alterac Valley, Felwood, Badlands
The Barrens, Dun Morogh, Elwynn Forest, Mulgore, Tirisfal Glades, Westfall
Any body of water cast in with low fishing skill
Mulgore, Ghostlands, Teldrassil, Durotar, Eversong Woods,Darkshore, Bloodmyst Isle
Any level one character
Hallow's End, any zone
Horde and Alliance cities, Shattrath City, Dalaran
Stormwind City, Borean Tundra, Thunder Bluff, Blasted Lands
Hellfire Peninsula, The Barrens, Ashenvale, Eversong Woods, Silverpine Forest, Elwynn Forest
Badlands, Swamp of Sorrows, Burning Steppes, Desolace, Feralas
The Temple of Atal'Hakkar, Zul'Farrak


Our full contest rules and regulations can be found here.


  1. ^ Offer only available to residents in North America

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