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Allakhazam's has added the ability for users of the site to add their own screenshots to monsters, and zones.

For a more comprehensive guide to HOW to take Screenshots and use them in the wiki, see Bludwyng's A Photographer's Guide to Norrath.

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Uploading Images

Your screenshot needs to be in JPEG or PNG format. Often games will write out their screenshots in other formats (BMP for Everquest), but you can use a free image tool to convert your images in batches, and even do initial cropping and scaling. Illia's preference is XNView, though some people also suggest Irfanview or GIMP. Only .png images will preserve transparent backgrounds.

Your image needs to be a maximum of 1200 pixels in height or width in order to be accepted for upload.

  • Click the add image anchor on the page you wish to add your screenshot to.
  • Using the file dialog, navigate to your image file location.
  • Click Upload.
  • You will be sent to the Image editing page to allow you to crop and size your image. While the maximum size you can upload is 1200x1200, a good screenshot is usually much smaller. The target size will depend on the page, but about 600 pixels tall or wide is often suitable. The image editor has guides set to this size.
  • Resize your image with the blue handle in the lower left.
  • Resize and reposition the crop tool to focus on the portion of the image you wish to.
  • Press commit to upload your image.

Approval Process

When images are initially uploaded, they become visible to everyone, although they're flagged as new. Any logged in user may report an image in this state. If an image is reported, then that image and all images in the new state by the offending uploader are flagged as needing review. An image in this state is no longer shown on the page it was uploaded to.

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Administrators have the ability to flag images as approved, which protects them from being reported. Admins may also flag an image as the default image for an entry with many images.

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