Sentinel's Fate Faction Missions (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Sentinel's Fate Faction Missions
Quest Series
Starting ZoneMultiple
Rec. LevelsArtisan 80+
Previous Sentinel's Fate
EverQuest II
Quest Series

These are daily quests that can be completed to raise your faction with one or more groups. They award faction and coin, only, and do not give shards. The daily quests change at midnight Pacific time; the lists below all start on Sunday. All quests are level 85.

It's important to note that each Odus tradeskill faction, while welcoming all crafters, favor a different crafting Archetype. There are certain missions that only one Archtype can do.

Completing every daily mission (excluding ones that your tradeskill class is unable to do) will finish the achievement A Day in the Life of Odus.

Daily Crafting Missions By Day and Faction

Kerra Isle
Hua Mein
Yun Zi
Researcher Azira
SundayBready GoodnessA Close Eye on Quel'uleA Tasty TaskSupplies for the Fighters (Scholar)
MondayFull Metal ArtisanKerra KindlingHua Mein Craftsmanship (Craftsmen)Sampling More Strangeness
TuesdayEats Shoots and LeavesKerra Clothing (Outfitters)Hua Mein HeatingReporting to Paineel
WednesdayStonebrunt ExpressWeaving A ProfitThe Bear Necessities (Craftsmen)Equipping the Front Line (Scholar)
ThursdayPaineel ReplenishmentHerbal HealingNetting More FishRebuilding Materials
FridayFurther Essential Studies Paw Tips and Tail FeathersShining ShellsReinforcing the Wards
SaturdayBack to the GrindstoneDefensive Dressing (Outfitters)Honoring the AncestorsTracking the Void Influence

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