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New with Altar of Malice, this series is intended for players/characters. The quests are spaced out through their whole career levelling up. One mail message will be received every 10 levels. Already-high-level tradeskillers will be able to do the quests all at once, with about a half hour delay between each mail.

Tier 1 (Levels 1-9)

Tier 2 (Levels 10-19)

Tier 3 (Levels 20-29)

Tier 4 (Levels 30-39)

Adam and Jamie need your help in Steamfont!
Adam and Jamie need your help in Steamfont!

Tier 5 (Levels 40-49)

Tier 6 (Levels 50-59)

Tier 7 (Levels 60-69)

Tier 8 (Levels 70-79)

Tier 9 (Levels 80-89)

Tier 10 (Levels 90-99)

There are no Chains of Eternity tradeskill quests. The books for 93-95 are dropped (advanced) or purchased (basic) from a crafting book vendor.

Other Quests

Adorner Daily Tasks

With GU56 Adorners have access to daily tasks to help them skill up.


Introduced in Destiny of Velious, level 90 crafters have a heritage quest of their very own!


Beginning in The Village of Shin, this harvesting signature series can be done by Artisans or Adventurers. Results in Cloak of the Harvester. In total, there are nine gathering obsession quests, ranging from tier 1 through tier 8 harvesting.

This signature quest can be started 14 days after completing the Sentinel's Fate Quel'ule quests. You will receive an in-game mail with the item that will begin the quest.

Tradeskill City Tasks

All player cities have a tradeskill faction which will give you writs.


Once you have finished the Tradeskill Epic, you can equip your Earring of the Solstice to find special tradeskiller only collections.

Carpenters who have reached at least level 60 can learn how to create Wantia furniture by completing a collection in The Village of Shin.


These quests either involve the assistance of high level tradeskiller or are an "extra" bonus quest to certain tradeskills.

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