Shattered Sun Quests  

Running the Shattered Sun Daily Quests every day may well be the single best source of solo cash in the game. Here is one recommended path from Allakhazam himself:

First -- Start out at Shattrath and pick up Gaining the Advantage, Maintaining the Sunwell Portal, Sunfury Attack Plans and The Multiphase Survey.

Second -- Take a flight to Hellfire Peninsula and do the quests Blood for Blood and Blast the Gateway. For the Blast the Gateway quest, you just have to be near the Fel Spark when it dies, even when killed by another player. These quests take about 10 minutes to complete. Upon completion, you will receive 20 gold, 5 Aldor/Scryer turnins worth about a gold each and supplies that are usually worth about 5 gp. Plus, you will have gotten at least 5 motes of fire and some other drops, giving you another 20 gold in drops. Total for this 10 minutes = 50 gp.

Third -- Set your hearthstone in Area 52 of Netherstorm (you will need to fly back to Shattrath and to Netherstorm the first time). Hearth there now. Fly south and kill Sunfury Blood Elves until one drops the sunfury attack plans. This usually takes about 5 to 10 kills. Then run or fly over to Blades Edge Mountains and gather the mana cells there. Fly to Ruuan Weald and catch the flight master to Nagrand. Switch your helm and fly down to take the phase readings. Then fly back to Shattrath and hand in all three quests. Total time for this is about 30-45 minutes. In the process, you will gain 30 gp from the quests, three shattered sun supplies worth another 15 gp (not to mention a likely badge of justice), a primal mana worth 20 gp, and another 20-30 gp in drops. Total for this 30-45 minutes = around 100 gp.

This ends the most valuable portion of the quest run. In less than an hour you made more than 150 gp. The next part is optional, since you get less money from the Island quests.

Fourth -- Take the portal to The Isle of Quel'Danas and do the quests there. Unfortunately, the only rewards for these quests are money and faction, making them less valuable. However, you can still complete all of these quests in about a half hour for about another 100 gp worth of rewards and drops.

This is the route suggested by Ebonspine for the Isle of Quel'Danas dailies.

  1. Do Further Conversions and Arm The Wards! together.
  2. Then Crush the Dawnblade and one of the ley lines for Know Your Ley Lines
  3. The Battle must go on and a second ley line.
  4. Disrupt the Greengill Coast, Don't Stop Now...., and the final ley line
  5. Then the two bombing runs: The Air Strikes Must Continue and Intercept the Reinforcements
  6. When doing the turn-ins, consider finishing A Charitable Donation, unless you are doing the quests to earn money.

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