Skorpikis (EQ2 Mob Race)  

Type Sentient/Reptile/Insect
See the Bestiary for a list of all mobs in this race.

Just as a centaur is a horse with a human torso and a drachnid is a spider with a human torso, a Skorpikis is an Iksar/scorpion mixture, created by Venril Sathir to guard the tomb of his beloved, Charasis.


There are two known clans of Skorpikis:

  • Clan Durus - The faithful guardians of Charasis, they still wait for the eternal reward promised them by Venril Sathir.
  • Clan Skleross - Led by Lord Sheckt, the Skleross have discovered the truth of their creation, and reject Venril Sathir and the duty he laid upon them.

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