Steppes of Infinity (Rift Quest Series)  

Steppes of Infinity
Quest Series
Starting ZoneSteppes of Infinity
Rec. Levels59 to 60
Previous Ashora
Next The Dendrome
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Rift 2.0: Storm Legion
Nov. 13, 2012

Quest Series
Quest lists direct from our database: All Story, Onslaught, Carnage and Daily quests in this zone increase Notoriety with Necropolis Caretakers.

Story: Vora OrabelNixtoc

  1. (60) Brains for the Brain
  2. (60) The Prisoner
  3. (60) Operation: Brain Scan
  4. (60) Free My People
  5. (60) Detricus

Completing the story quests unlocks all Daily quests at Zerzala.


Josto Feri

Ancient Terminal


Josto Feri

Complete the Story quests to unlock the following dailies. There are six sets of Dailies with all quests in the set requiring targets in the same area. Completing all of them, at least once, completes the achievement Caretaker Conscription and earns the suffix title "the Caretaker".


Pevro Stallo

Vora Orabel

Arlan Merkur

Vengeful Sky

Static Vale

Injured Caretaker

Camp Skyburst

Arcanum Conservatory

Brevane SwitchAntharo Quarum

  1. (60) Power On - Talk to Antharo Quarum
  2. (60) Regaining the Brevane Brain - Collect 8 Stolen Brevane Tech
  3. (60) Devolved Recovery - Use the Brevane Triangulator on 6 Devolved Squatters

World's End


Architect Message

Fort Antapo and Fort Brevo

The Infinity Gate

Caretaker Bodies
Scattered around The Infinity Gate you will find sparkly Caretaker Bodies with no quest icon. When you click on a body you get a battery but it does NOT start a quest. As you run around, if you get near the beacon the battery goes in you get a green box on the map. Each body gives a different battery that must go to a specific beacon. When you install the battery in the correct beacon you get a Quest Finish dialog box.

Body locationBattery NameBeacon locationQuest
16483, 7525Caretaker A-2 Battery16819, 7633Caretaker Beacon: Camp Infinity
16950, 7509Caretaker D-10 Battery17094, 7654Caretaker Beacon: Infinity Gate
16466, 7835Caretaker X-7 Battery16884, 7887Caretaker Beacon: Elemental Camp
16738, 7326Caretaker X-32 Battery16867, 7235Caretaker Beacon: Infinity Holding Facility

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