Stuck at Level 90 (EQ2)  

Stuck at level 90? One or several things might be happening:

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Expansion Requirement

You must own Destiny of Velious to advance in Adventuring or Crafting. Destiny of Velious raised the level cap to 92, and Chains of Eternity raised it to 95. Chains of Eternity now includes DoV.

Minimum AA Requirement

You must have at least 280 AA to advance in Adventuring. The AA limit was hotly debated. What it came down to was this[1]:

[T]he bar for earning XP in 90 is going to be 280, because you have your heroic endlines at that point (and I hate large primes so 277 wasn’t going to work). The requirement exists so we (the developers) and you (the players) have a little more information about what a level 91+ player is. Right now if you form a pick up group, you really don’t have an idea whether your tank has 65 AAs or 317 AAs. The same goes for us, content for a level 90 with few AAs is pretty different than content for a level 90 with a whole lot of them.

Automated AA Slider

  • Your AA Slider might be stuck.
If you were stopped at level 90 for one of the above reasons, your AA slider on your AA window (press "L") was set all the way to 100% of XP to AA. You need to set it back to 0% AA (or whatever you like).

  1. ^ EQ2 Wire reporting Lyndro's forums statement, March 2012

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