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Naaru Lightmace of the Eagle
Prefixes and suffixes are ways to modify a basic item to have certain additional affects added to it. Blizzard has used this system in previous games, notably Diablo and Diablo II. World of Warcraft uses suffixes mostly for armor. Jewelcrafted gems use a similar scheme, but with prefixes instead.

You will not find these items in the database using Search, as only the base item is listed. Any item in the DB can be modified by any of these suffixes, so we only list the base item.

For Example, Naaru Lightmace can be found in the database, but Naaru Lightmace of the Eagle is not really there. It is not a redlink because the DB sees "of the" in the name and adjusts the link to find the base item. It is exactly the same as the Naaru Lightmace but with additional Strength and Agility.

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Armor Suffixes and Their Stat Equivalent

We cannot list exact values for the modified items, as the stats will vary based on the level of the item it is attached to.

One attribute suffixes

  • of Strength: Strength
  • of Agility: Agility
  • of Stamina: Stamina
  • of Intellect: Intellect
  • of Spirit: Spirit
  • of Blocking: Block rating (and strength)
  • of Eluding: Dodge rating (and agility)
  • of Defense: Defense rating
  • of Regeneration: Health regen
  • of Concentration: Mana regen
  • of Power: Attack Power
  • of Marksmanship: Ranged Attack Power
  • of Healing: Adds to +healing (and spell damage)

Two attribute suffixes

  • of the Tiger: Strength and Agility
  • of the Bear: Strength and Stamina
  • of the Gorilla: Strength and Intellect
  • of the Boar: Strength and Spirit
  • of the Monkey: Agility and Stamina
  • of the Falcon: Agility and Intellect
  • of the Wolf: Agility and Spirit
  • of the Eagle: Stamina and Intellect
  • of the Whale: Stamina and Spirit
  • of the Owl: Intellect and Spirit

Spell Modifiers

Each of the following applies to all five major spell schools -- Fire, Nature, Arcane, Frost, Shadow

  • of Resistance: Increases resistance to that spell school
  • of Protection: Increases resistance to that spell school and adds stamina
  • of Wrath: Increases spell damage for that particular spell school

Three bonus suffixes

Each of these suffixes were introduced in Burning Crusade and appear fairly infrequently.

  • of the Beast: +Strength, +Agility, +Stamina
  • of the Battle: +Strength, +Stamina, +Critical Strike Rating
  • of the Champion: +Strength, +Stamina, +Defense Rating
  • of the Soldier: +Strength, +Stamina, +Critical Strike Rating
  • of the Ancestor: +Strength, +Stamina, +Critical Strike Rating
  • of the Bandit: +Agility, +Stamina, +Attack Power
  • of the Hunt: +Agility, +Intellect, +Attack Power
  • of the Sorcerer: +Stamina, +Intellect, +Spell Damage and Healing
  • of the Physician: +Stamina, +Intellect, +Spell Healing
  • of the Elder: +Stamina, +Intellect, +Mana per 5 sec
  • of the Vision: +Stamina, +Intellect, +Spell Damage and Healing
  • of the Hierophant: +Stamina, +Spirit, +Spell Healing
  • of Restoration: +Stamina, +Healing, +Mana regeneration
  • of Sorcery: +Intellect, +Stamina, +Healing and Spell Damage
  • of the Prophet: +Intellect, +Spirit, +Spell Healing
  • of the Invoker: +Intellect, +Spell Damage and Healing, +Spell Critical Strike Rating
  • of the Mind: +Intellect, +Spell Damage and Healing, +Spell Critical Strike Rating
  • of the Crusade: +Intellect, +Spell Damage and Healing, +Defense Rating

Jewelcrafting Prefixes

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