Tempest Bay (Rift Quest Series)  

Tempest Bay
Quest Series
Starting ZoneTempest Bay
Rec. Levels52 to 60
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Rift 2.0: Storm Legion
Nov. 13, 2012

Quest Series
Quest lists direct from our database:

Story quests in this zone reward Notoriety with Torvan Hunters.

Story: Korvin Anders <Torvan Master>

  1. (52) Rifts Beyond the Ward
  2. (52) Conduits of Power
  3. (52) Planar Translocation
  4. (52) Torva's Legacy
  5. (54) Malicious Undercurrents
  6. (54) Deceptive Elements
  7. (54) Restless Prey
  8. (60) Overwhelming Force

This Story series is still being discovered.

Plaza Aurentine

Lord Nerat

Standard Dungeon Quests

Itoi Rinu

The Canals

Fishing Derby

Speak to Uncle Stan in The Canals to obtain a random Fishing Derby daily quest. All are level 50 and require you to fish 20 quest fish in the target zone and return to Uncle Stan within 60 minutes.

Torvan Hunters Hunt Rifts

The following Lures may be purchased from the Torvan Hunters merchants in Plaza Aurentine on the isle of Tempest Bay. Each completed hunt rewards Notoriety with the Torvan Hunters.

Cora Temarin <Hunt Merchant>
LureLevelPriceTarget Boss
Lure: Hunt: Amanim505000 PlanariteHerald Amanim
Lure: Hunt: Anvonia505000 PlanariteHerald Anvonia
Lure: Hunt: Bratun505000 PlanariteHerald Bratun
Lure: Hunt: Dimiral-7505000 PlanariteHerald Dimiral-7
Lure: Hunt: Garnock505000 PlanariteHerald Garnock
Lure: Hunt: Hagatur505000 PlanariteHerald Hagatur
Lure: Hunt: Immori505000 PlanariteHerald Immori
Lure: Hunt: Jupilos505000 PlanariteHerald Jupilos
Lure: Hunt: Kargont505000 PlanariteHerald Kargont
Lure: Hunt: Krimeo505000 PlanariteHerald Krimeo
Lure: Hunt: Kurest505000 PlanariteHerald Kurest
Lure: Hunt: Manzav505000 PlanariteHerald Manzav
Lure: Hunt: Mork505000 PlanariteHerald Mork
Lure: Hunt: Narkor505000 PlanariteHerald Narkor
Lure: Hunt: Rezurin505000 PlanariteHerald Rezurin
Lure: Hunt: Roklom505000 PlanariteHerald Roklom
Lure: Hunt: Runida505000 PlanariteHerald Runida
Lure: Hunt: Shoran505000 PlanariteHerald Shoran
Lure: Great Hunt: Amanim507000 PlanariteHerald Amanim
Lure: Great Hunt: Anvonia507000 PlanariteHerald Anvonia
Lure: Great Hunt: Bratun507000 PlanariteHerald Bratun
Lure: Great Hunt: Dimiral-7507000 PlanariteHerald Dimiral-7
Lure: Great Hunt: Garnock507000 PlanariteHerald Garnock
Lure: Great Hunt: Hagatur507000 PlanariteHerald Hagatur
Lure: Great Hunt: Immori507000 PlanariteHerald Immori
Lure: Great Hunt: Jupilos507000 PlanariteHerald Jupilos
Lure: Great Hunt: Kargont507000 PlanariteHerald Kargont
Lure: Great Hunt: Krimeo507000 PlanariteHerald Krimeo
Lure: Great Hunt: Kurest507000 PlanariteHerald Kurest
Lure: Great Hunt: Manzav507000 PlanariteHerald Manzav
Lure: Great Hunt: Mork507000 PlanariteHerald Mork
Lure: Great Hunt: Narkor507000 PlanariteHerald Narkor
Lure: Great Hunt: Rezurin507000 PlanariteHerald Rezurin
Lure: Great Hunt: Roklom507000 PlanariteHerald Roklom
Lure: Great Hunt: Runida507000 PlanariteHerald Runida
Lure: Great Hunt: Shoran507000 PlanariteHerald Shoran
Horace Gern <Great Hunt I Merchant> (Requires Great Hunt Rank I)
LureLevelPriceTarget Boss
Lure: Great Hunt I: Abscinor6010,000 Planarite, 90 Infinity StonePlanarch Abscinor
Lure: Great Hunt I: Digali6010,000 Planarite, 90 Infinity StonePlanarch Digali
Lure: Great Hunt I: Ludvanor6010,000 Planarite, 90 Infinity StonePlanarch Ludvanor
Lure: Great Hunt I: Spyril6010,000 Planarite, 90 Infinity StonePlanarch Spyril
Lure: Great Hunt I: Whirlok6010,000 Planarite, 90 Infinity StonePlanarch Whirlok
Lure: Great Hunt I: Zafrok6010,000 Planarite, 90 Infinity StonePlanarch Zafrok
Alsana Koras <Great Hunt II Merchant> (Requires Great Hunt Rank II)
LureLevelPriceTarget Boss
Lure: Great Hunt II: Barkur6010,000 Planarite, 90 Infinity StonePlanarch Barkur
Lure: Great Hunt II: Boloav6010,000 Planarite, 90 Infinity StonePlanarch Boloav
Lure: Great Hunt II: Borott6010,000 Planarite, 90 Infinity StonePlanarch Borott
Lure: Great Hunt II: Holgor6010,000 Planarite, 90 Infinity StonePlanarch Holgor
Lure: Great Hunt II: Myrtin6010,000 Planarite, 90 Infinity StonePlanarch Myrtin
Lure: Great Hunt II: Tendrok6010,000 Planarite, 90 Infinity StonePlanarch Tendrok
Ben Caldorin <Great Hunt III Merchant> (Requires Great Hunt Rank III)
LureLevelPriceTarget Boss
Lure: Great Hunt III: Diravoss6010,000 Planarite, 90 Infinity StonePlanarch Diravoss
Lure: Great Hunt III: Grimlor6010,000 Planarite, 90 Infinity StonePlanarch Grimlor
Lure: Great Hunt III: Gurkant6010,000 Planarite, 90 Infinity StonePlanarch Gurkant
Lure: Great Hunt III: Jaklorin6010,000 Planarite, 90 Infinity StonePlanarch Jaklorin
Lure: Great Hunt III: Sylna6010,000 Planarite, 90 Infinity StonePlanarch Sylna
Lure: Great Hunt III: Vivisar6010,000 Planarite, 90 Infinity StonePlanarch Vivisar
Lure: Great Hunt III: Vorlas6010,000 Planarite, 90 Infinity StonePlanarch Vorlas
Lure: Great Hunt III: Zendril6010,000 Planarite, 90 Infinity StonePlanarch Zendril
Briena Yarson <Great Hunt IV Merchant> (Requires Great Hunt Rank IV)
LureLevelPriceTarget Boss
Lure: Great Hunt IV: Astadan6020,000 Planarite, 300 Infinity StonePlanarch Astadan
Lure: Great Hunt IV: Festigor6020,000 Planarite, 300 Infinity StonePlanarch Festigor
Lure: Great Hunt IV: Gengrol6020,000 Planarite, 300 Infinity StonePlanarch Gengrol
Lure: Great Hunt IV: Munter6020,000 Planarite, 300 Infinity StonePlanarch Munter
Lure: Great Hunt IV: Nitzmog6020,000 Planarite, 300 Infinity StonePlanarch Nitzmog
Lure: Great Hunt IV: Tirana6020,000 Planarite, 300 Infinity StonePlanarch Tirana
Lure: Great Hunt IV: Tozarin6020,000 Planarite, 300 Infinity StonePlanarch Tozarin
Lure: Great Hunt IV: Zorov6020,000 Planarite, 300 Infinity StonePlanarch Zorov
Larjin Freesom <Great Hunt V Merchant> (Requires Great Hunt Rank V)
LureLevelPriceTarget Boss
Lure: Great Hunt V: Augmur6020,000 Planarite, 300 Infinity StonePlanarch Augmur
Lure: Great Hunt V: Brachor6020,000 Planarite, 300 Infinity StonePlanarch Brachor
Lure: Great Hunt V: Galevan6020,000 Planarite, 300 Infinity StonePlanarch Galevan
Lure: Great Hunt V: Gertak6020,000 Planarite, 300 Infinity StonePlanarch Gertak
Lure: Great Hunt V: Jamurn6020,000 Planarite, 300 Infinity StonePlanarch Jamurn
Lure: Great Hunt V: Jolek6020,000 Planarite, 300 Infinity StonePlanarch Jolek
Lure: Great Hunt V: Karkon6020,000 Planarite, 300 Infinity StonePlanarch Karkon
Lure: Great Hunt V: Quoras6020,000 Planarite, 300 Infinity StonePlanarch Quoras
Lure: Great Hunt V: Sarkor6020,000 Planarite, 300 Infinity StonePlanarch Sarkor
Lure: Great Hunt V: Taviton6020,000 Planarite, 300 Infinity StonePlanarch Taviton
Lure: Great Hunt V: Urzon6020,000 Planarite, 300 Infinity StonePlanarch Urzon
Lure: Great Hunt V: Vaharan6020,000 Planarite, 300 Infinity StonePlanarch Vaharan

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