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EQ2, Aion, WoW, FR, LotRO, FFXI, RoM, SWG, STO, WAR, etc.
The name of your main character. Once I figure out how the name will link to your character profile for those games that we support with them.
(Optional) The name of your guild. (STO calls this Fleet, Aion calls it Legion, LotRO calls it Kinship, FFXI and FFXIV calls it Linkshell, but it is all the same thing)
(Optional) The name of the server your main is on. (Not applicable to STO)

Optional Fields


Something like "the Mad Hatter". Will appear between your character name and guild name.
Something witty
In several games you play a specific side on the on-going battles. The meaning of this field is dependent on the game:
  • Aion: Elyos or Asmodian
  • WAR: Order or Destruction
  • WoW: Alliance or Horde.
  • LotRO: blank is for regular characters of the Free Peoples. set faction=Creep to identify your Monster Player character (if you dare!)
The ID of the character profile in our profiling system.
For Star Trek Online, precedes your name.
playerid= and characterid=
For those games that have online character pages these fields allow us to link to it. The exact use of these 2 fields will vary by game.
  • LotRO - http://my.lotro.com/home/character/playerid/characterid/
  • FFXIV - http://lodestone.finalfantasyxiv.com/rc/character/status?cicuid=characterid
  • SC (Star Citizen) - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizens/characterid

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