Tenebrous Tangle (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Tenebrous Tangle
Quest Series
Starting ZoneTenebrous Tangle
Rec. Levels60 to 64
Previous Loping Plains
Next Barren Sky
Sanctum of the Scaleborn
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

Tenebrous Tangle is the name given to the twilight lit lands of the Kingdom of Sky. Explore its lush jungles and do battle with its exotic creatures. [1]

With Game Update 55 new content has been added to this zone, including one very long quest culminating in a new mount.

Secret Service

Operatives from Qeynos and Freeport want to find out more about the residents of these lands. Speak to them at Tenebrous Landing to begin the Claymore Hallmark Quest Series. Below are the quests solely in Tenebrous Tangle.

  1. Speak to your alignment's representative to begin this series:
    • GOOD: On Her Majesty's Secret Service - speak to Highkeep at -39,23,257 at the zone-in landing
    • EVIL: On the Overlord's Secret Service - speak to a Freeport emissary at -57,25,222 at the zone-in landing
  2. Burglars Afoot


The islands of the Kingdom of Sky are mysterious, indeed, and difficult to understand. However, speaking with Jabber Longwind and Grumglub is a good place to start.

  1. A Meeting With Grumglub (56) - speak with Jabber Longwind at -23,21,246 at the zone-in landing
  2. The Basket Quests (Limited Repeatable) - pick up woven baskets around The Temple Grounds to begin these quests

Cloud Mount

This series moves through all the KoS zones. See Cloud Mount Quest Series for the full series. Below are the quests solely in Tenebrous Tangle.

Speak to Bilgeron Cogsworth IV at the Temple Grounds to start.

  1. Cogs on the Droags (57)
  2. To the Isle of Fear (59)
  3. An Eye on the Clue (60)
  4. The Bees Sees (61)
  5. Picking Up the Broken Pieces (62)
  6. Follow the Bot (62)
  7. To the Barren Sky (63)

You return to Bilgeron for the last two quests as well:

  1. Back to the Beginning (70)
  2. One Last Chance at Treasure (70)

Hidden Refuge

The froglok denizens of the Hidden Refuge offer several repeatable quests for players of any alignment.

  • In the Name of Marr (60) - speak to Lady Erillis at 165,-233,175

Restocking the War Chests

Speak to Armorer Gunbog at 131,-234,174 .

Restocking the Humidors

Speak to Surgeon Kweezil at 198,-238,208 .

Expedition for Draconic Artifacts

Speak to Archaeologian Tydis at 170,-233,167 .

Sacred Stones

Mysterious Vaults and tablets hold secrets. Speak with a representative of your faction in the Hidden Refuge on the Temple Grounds.

  1. Speak to either Spearhead or a Freeport emissary to begin this series:
  2. Mysterious Stones (58 Heroic) - inspect a damaged tablet on the wall of the ruins on The Temple Grounds at 255.75, 11.32, -87.34
  3. A Path Revealed (57) - examine the vault lid on Vultak Scavenging Site at -662.13, 133.35, -125.46
  4. Whole Lotta' Holes (58) - first complete Burglars Afoot then examine the map from A Path Revealed or the map from Burglars Afoot

Other Quests

Pip Fuzzletwig at The Temple Grounds

Xaldrian Resh at Fear Tainted Isle

Bingles Multicrank at Gazer Isle

  1. Witch One? (60)
  2. Lenses as Far as the Eye Can See (60)

Namojix Ajende at the Vultak Scavenging Site

Cobbzig Fudwinkle at Bixie Isle

Raxi Ananta at the Vicious Breeding Grounds

  1. Culling the Wyrm Population (61)
  2. Culling the Drake Population (61)

Kalz Spikewing at the Vicious Breeding Grounds

Collection Quests


  1. ^ In-game text from the Storylines window.


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