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This is a 10-man Raid Rift Event, opened by use of a Lure: Terror of Undeath. The DRR Quest, Unstitching the Terror, requires this rift.

Phase 1


  • 4 sets of adds: 2 Golems, 1 Lich per group

  • Iron Body Guard
  • Health: 88,720
  • Can be OT'd by OT#1. They hit for about 2k per swing and have a knockback. Must DPS these first.

  • Dark Cabalist
  • Health: 88,720
  • Caster, can be interrupted. Cannot be damaged until the two Iron Body Guards are killed.


MT will pick up the Lich, while OT#1 picks up the Golems. DPS will kill the golems then the lich.

Phase 2


  • Dark Attendant
  • Health: 292,775
  • 1 shots the pretty much anyone if they get in range.

  • There are 4 orbs, 1 per mob that spawn.
  • They will aggro whomever starts using the orb.
  • Once the orb is activated, it puts a buff called "Transfer Pain" on whomever used the orb.
  • Once Transfer Pain is on the MT, he can pull the Dark Attendant off the OT, and DPS may begin.


MT will use the Orb and pickup the Dark Attendant.

Phase 3


  • Flesh Terror
  • Main Add-250k health, 2nd Add-70760 health, 3rd add-35488 health, 4th add-10646 health, 5th add-5323 health
  • Requires 2 tanks
  • Splits apart into two mobs when it is killed. Splits apart a total of 4 times.
  • Deals about 1700 AoE damage whenever one dies.


MT will pick up the Flesh Terror. DPS will always focus on MT's target. Once the Flesh Terror splits, OT#1 will pick up the second Flesh terror that is spawned. Once all of the MT's Flesh Terror's are killed, DPS will switch to OT#1's target.

Phase 4


  • Deathly Energy
  • Health: 88,720
  • About 12 of these pat around the rift and must be pulled one at a time.
  • They randomly charge one party member and deal massive damage.
  • The charge damage splashes to nearby targets, so spread out.


Have the MT pickup 1 at a time, and pull it back so as not to pull others. Healers need to be ready with spot heals. Rinse and repeat.

Phase 5


  • Luthas Darkblade
  • Health: 1,197,719
  • Spawns 2 different types of adds:
  • Explosive Horror- Must be taunted and pulled out of raid before it detonates.
  • Mutating Horror- Absorbs all damage done to Luthas Darkblade. Just needs to be taunted.
  • Casts an interruptible spell called "Death's Touch". Must be interrupted.
  • Casts a stacking 10% healing received debuff on the tank. May necessitate a tank swap.
  • The healing debuff can also time out if his attack is dodged, parried or blocked.
  • Is pretty much a tank and spank.


MT will pick up Luthas Darkblade while OT#1 grabs adds and pulls them out of the raid. DPS will focus on Luthas. If MT gets to unmanageable stacks, OT#1 and the MT will tank-swap.

Comments and Suggestions

Suggested Comp

  • Phase 1:
    • 2 Tanks
    • 3-4 Healers
    • 1 Support
    • 3-4 DPS
  • Phase 2+:
    • 2 Tanks
    • 2 Healers
    • 1 Support
    • 5 DPS

ZAM would like to thank Isomalt of Unstable for the entire walkthrough.

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