The Best Laid Plans (Rift Encounter)  

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In Silverwood, this rift appears in a clear hilltop meadow above and behind The Palisade. In Droughtlands it is found just across the bridge from Freemarch along the beach to the south.

Stage One

  • Interrupt the Harbinger of Alsbeth's ritual
Just walk up and tap her. The energy lines will drop, she will talk (a lot) and start the next stage.

Stage Two

To kill the Construct you must first kill his Controller!

Stage Three

Stage Four


Stage Five - Bonus


Remember! The Constructs are invulnerable until their Controller is dead!

Stage Six - Bonus

Periodically he will lift you into the air, then set you back down (gently enough). Ranged attacks that are instant-cast will still work while lifted.
River of Souls
World Event

Rift: Patch 1.1

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