The Blood Prince Council (wow)  

The Blood Prince Council is the first encounter in the Crimson Hall wing of Icecrown Citadel. They consist of formers foes the players have slain, Prince Valanar, Prince Keleseth and Prince Taldaram, brought back to life as undead to fight the players one last time.

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Each prince has his own abilities.

Prince Valanar

Shock Vortex - Creates a vortex of swirling force near an enemy target that inflicts damage and knocks back enemies near it. 1.5 second cast.
Kinetic Bomb - Explodes on impact with the ground, inflicting Physical damage and knocking enemies back in a wide area. 3 second cast.
Empowered Shock Vortex - Creates force vortices on all nearby enemies within 30 yards, inflicting Physical damage and knocking enemies near the target away. 4.5 second cast.

Prince Taldaram

Conjure Ball of Flames - Conjures a ball of flames that flies through the air toward the target and explodes on impact. 10,000 damage minimum. 3 seconds cast.
Glittering Sparks - Glittering sparks shoot from the caster's hands in a cone, burning enemies for 20900 Fire damage over 10 sec and reducing their movement speed by 40%.
Empowered Conjure Ball of Flames - Conjures a ball of flames that flies through the air toward the target and explodes on impact, dealing fire damage to nearby enemies along the way. 3 seconds cast.

Prince Keleseth

Shadow Lance - Hurls a bolt of dark magic at an enemy, inflicting 17063 to 17937 Shadow damage. 1.5 seconds cast.
Shadow Resonance - Summons a Dark Nucleus. Dark Nuclei feed on their own energy, causing them to destroy themselves over time.
Empowered Shadow Lance - Hurls a bolt of dark magic at an enemy, inflicting 95063 to 99937 Shadow damage.


Invocation of Blood - The Darkfallen Orb empowers one of the princes, granting him more formidable abilities.


Dark Nucleus are summoned by Shadow Resonance from Prince Keleseth.

Shadow Resonance - The nearest target resonates with shadow, suffering 1,000 damage and reducing Shadow damage taken from all sources by 35% for until canceled [1]. Channeled. Lasts for 6 seconds.


This fight consists of only 1 phase and is fairly simple as far as Icecrown Citadel fight goes. You will need 2 'normal' tanks and one range tank, usually a mage, warlock or hunter with a lot of stamina (pvp gear works well here).

Invocation of Blood will randomly affect one of the princes, which will cause that prince to be empowered and have a health bar and be damageable. While one prince is empowered, the others have 1 hp and they can be targeted and hit but they will be immune to all damage. Prince Valanaar is always the first to be targeted with the invocation..

Prince Valanaar will uses Kinetic Bomb an ability that will move toward a random target. It can be dodged by moving away from its path and it can be attacked to juggle them back up... they will despawn over time if they do not hit the ground. Valanaar can summon more than one Kinetic Bomb at a time. If/when it hits, it will deal damage and knock back players it hits 200 yards, usually pushing them against the walls. Shock Vortex creates a vortex under a player, dealing damage and pushing back anybody it hits - the vortex will persists for a few seconds after being casts and need to be avoided. Players should try and spread out during this fight in order to avoid their vortex hitting multiple people. Empowered Shock Vortex is only used while Valanaar is under Invocation of Blood and is a raid wide version of the normal vortex. When he begins to cast it, melee need to run out and everybody needs to spread out so that they do not blow up other people. The entire raid will take some damage from this and will be thrown around the room. However, unlike the normal vortex, Empowered Shock Vortex doesn't leave an effect on the ground.

Prince Keleseth needs to be tanked by a ranged class, which he should be Misidrected to. The ranged tank should hang in the back of the room with Keleseth. Keleseth doesn't melee, he instead spam Shadow Lance. He will also use Shadow Resonance to summon Dark Nuclei, which in turn will put a debuff on their highest aggro target (make sure your range tank hit thems), which deal damage but also lower shadow damage... those stacks. And this is how the range tank will survive Empowered Shadow Lance. Aside from needing dedicated healers on the range tank, Keleseth doesn't tax the raid all that much.

You will want to tank Prince Taldaram facing away from the raid, as his Glittering Sparks not only deal serious fire damage to any standing in his way, but also slow them which will make avoiding his other ability much harder. His other ability, Conjure Ball of Flames will target a random player and start following him, if it touches him, it will explode and deal massive fire damage. The longer it is kited before it hit, the less damage it will deal (minimum 10,000). When under Invocation of Blood, he will use Empowered Conjure Ball of Flames which deals raid wiping damage if it hits a full strength. The Empowered Ball has stack on it, and it deals 1k damage to anyone without 10 yards of it. It loses 1 stack everytime it damage someone and this is what lower its damage when it finally hits a target. As such, the target of the empowered ball need to kite it while the rest of the raid clump up under it, they will take damage and remove the stacks, if done properly, all stacks will go away and the orb will hit for its normal value. It is important to make sure that you never have a Shock Vortex between you and Taldaram, as this would spell disaster if you are targeted by the Empowered Ball (The raid won't be able to follow you because of the vortex on the ground).

The fight is all about focusing the proper target and keeping everybody alive as you dodge the bosses' abilities. Having a raid who understand the fight help greatly. They have a 10 minute enrage timer, but the fight usually takes about 5 minute to complete, making this a non-factor.


The Crimson Hall - Defeat the bosses of The Crimson Hall in Icecrown Citadel.
The Orb Whisperer - Defeat the Blood Council without anyone in the raid taking more than 23,000/25,000 spell damage in a single hit in 10/25-player mode.


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