The Golden King (Rift Encounter)  

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This is a five phase Earth Raid Rift event in Shimmersand. This event is started by using Lure: The Golden King at a Raid Rift Tear.

Phase 1

  • Slave Driver x 3 - 177k health
    • Cleave: Frontal-cone physical attack.

Adds Spawned

Two tanks are required for this phase. One tank will AoE taunt the Indebted Souls while the Main Tank taunts off the Slave Driver and moves it away from the Souls by at least 20 meters. The Driver has a cleave, so melee DPS should remain behind it at all times. Once the Slave Driver is down, its associated Indebted Souls will cease attacking and run away. Both tanks will take significant damage, which must be healed.

Phase 2

  • Transmorphic Shard x 3
    • Charge: Charges a random raid member, stunning for approximately 4 seconds. Resets the threat table.
    • Reflection: Blue Shield - Reflects damage and taunts. Yellow Shield - Damage caused reflects a debuff and spawns an add.

This stage opens with the Grawl appearing to the front of the boss Auricorus. He performs a summoning ritual that spawns three Transmorphic Shard mobs (Grawl then vanishes).

Raiders should remain stacked throughout this phase due to the Transmorphic Shard's Charge, which will resets all threat. This will be cast frequently. For this reason, they are generally considered un-tankable. Immediately after casting this, one of two shields will go up. The Blue Shield will make it immune to taunts while the Yellow Shield will Spawn an add. Both will reflect damage taken back to the raid. Each Transmorphic Shard should be single-targeted down, and any adds AoE'd down afterward.

Phase 3

Time Limit: 6 minutes

  • Graul
    • Shards of Earth: Cast at 4 random raid members. Deals Earth damage to player and all other players within 5 yards.
    • Summon the Core: Summons Auricore Vein x 3
    • Mouldering Curse: Cleansable debuff on random raid member causing Earth Damage each second.

Adds Spawned

  • Auricore Vein - 24k health
    • Auric Power: Aura given to Graul. Increases damage dealt by and damage taken by Graul.''

Ranged DPS and Healers should remain at maximum ranged distance from Graul and spread out to mitigate Shards of Earth. Graul should be focused down until he summons three Auricore Veins. Once these are up, they should be taken down immediately. While these are up, raiders will take increased damage from Shards of Earth and the tank will also take increased damage from melee attacks. Healers will want to rotate single-target cooldowns so there is always one available for each time these are summoned.

Phase 4

Time Limit: 10 minutes

  • Crumbling Hulk x 2 - 177k health
    • Pound: Frontal-cone physical damage attack.

Adds Spawned

  • Greater Adamantite - 88k health
  • Smaller Adamantite - 44k health

This phase requires two tanks. Each will want to move their Crumbling Hulk away from each other, and facing away from the raid. These should be single-targeted as once it is down, it will split into two Rift Mob:Greater Animatites (each will in turn split into two Smaller Adamantites). These can be AoE'd down rather easily. Once all the Smaller Adamantites are down from the first Crumbling Hulk, the second one can be taken down the same way.

Phase 5

  • Auricorus
    • Cut to the Core: Rooting ability cast on tank.
    • Earthbreaker: AoE Earth damage ability.
    • Free Servant: Summons Iron Servant.
    • Pound: Frontal-cone physical damage attack.
Adds Spawned

This phase requires two tanks. The main tank will tank Auricorus. Melee DPS should be at maximum melee range of the boss thorughout the phase.

Auricorus will occasionally root the tank in place. Almost immediately afterward, he will cast Earthbreaker. This is an ability that will one-shot any non-tank. So melee will need to run out of range of this until the cast completes.

Approximately every 90 seconds, Auricorus will summon an Iron Servant. Since these adds do significant damage to the offtank, it is wise to refrain from killing Auricorus until at least two have been summoned. These should be taken down immediately.


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