The Journal of Kamora Starwind - Chapter 00 - by ShadorVIII (WoW)  

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Chapter 00 - Prologue

Hi there. My name is Kamora Starwind. Before I begin my story, I figured I should tell you a little bit about myself. I was born back in the year 8 in the town of Lakeridge. Unfortunately, my parents died in an orc invasion when I was very young, so I was sent to the Stormwind Orphanage to live. I had, I guess, a fairly normal childhood, although I usually liked to explore caves or play football (which some now call soccer, to distinguish it from a rougher (and more fun, I think) game introduced by the dwarves) with the boys rather than play dolls and dress-up with the other girls. About the time I was six years old, the orphanage got a strange new arrival, who would later become my best friend and nearly constant companion.

This is Caitryna Silverthorn (or Cat, for short (and because she likes cats) ). As I was saying, when I was about six, Cat arrived at the orphanage. She was dropped off early one morning by a mysterious figure. He wore a cloak with a great hood, such that his face was completely hidden. He said nothing, only handing the matron a note with Cat's name on it. Cat was five at the time. The first thing you should know about Cat is that she shouldn't exist at all! See, Cat is half-human and half-elf (though you can't really see it in the above picture, her skin does have a faint bluish tinge and she's a good head taller than most humans. Then there's the ears, of course). Of course, since the elves weren't awakened until 21 or so and Cat was born in 9, no one is really sure where she came from, not even Cat herself. At any rate, as I said, Cat and I became great friends. Even though she was younger, she was really smart, so we ended up in the same grade in school (they skipped her ahead a year). Because she was younger and was different besides, a lot of the other kids were really mean to her, but I always stood up for her. I tended to get in trouble a lot for fighting because of this.

When I was 14 and Cat was 13, we both went to Northshire Abbey, Cat to study magic and I to train as a warrior. My story begins with our graduation, four years later...


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