The Master of Elements - by Shojindo (WoW)  

To look at him one might think that he was ancient and wicked, a forsaken thing akin to the evil Liches that had terrorized the world from the dark places of old. None of these things however told the real story of Unsho. He had been good once, a hero by most men's standards. He had done much to stop the Scourges advances on Lordaeron before he too fell to the sway of undeath.

Now he was something…different. His magic had grown stronger, colder. He was one with absolute zero. Ice flowed not just in his withered veins but through the very fabric of his being. He was ice. He was death, by reduction, by shattering piercing frost, and unstoppable cold.

He was not sure why his thoughts fleeted past such things this day as he stood before the Demon General Makrazdon in Shadowmoon Valley. It was a great beast of a thing. A reptilian bodied mountain of corrupt twisted flesh inhabited by a cruel taskmaster from the nether. It wielded a great halberd made of fel metal and enchanted with demonic energy. A halberd Unsho desired to wrest from its dead hands…

Unsho did not have friends in the traditional sense. Others of the Horde found him unapproachable, and a bit unnerving, but those few who he could call associates had told him he was insane to try to defeat such a formidable demon on his own. He had heard such things before. A dry rasping sound escaped his parched lips, he was laughing again.

Uttering in a secret language he began to pull frost from the air around him and it coalesced into an elemental of pure water. Sending the elemental forward he channeled cold from the essence of existence and shot it from his hands in a devastating bolt hitting the demon right in the center of its broad chest.

The demon was hardly phased despite being chilled to a level that would stop a normal being in its tracks it roared defiance and began charging Unsho. Unsho had to move fast, the demon was closing the distance on him and if it got close it could cut Unsho in two with a single stroke of its massive halberd. While running Unsho made a gesture in the air before him and the fabric of reality was torn asunder like a curtain. Stepping through the hole in space Unsho appeared to blink forward many yards.

He turned and shot lances of ice from his fingers. His elemental was dead, demonic fire was raining down around him and burning his flesh through his shield of icy air. Makrazdon was upon him. With a shocking wrench a snap of cold shot through his body and he used it to summon another elemental. The halberd was descending towards him on an arc towards his head. In desperation he unleashed every ounce of frost he contained at once and a massive block of ice encased him. Inside he found the ice soothing. He had a moment to collect himself. He was one.

Outside the demons halberd crashed into the Ice Block unable to break through. Howling with rage the demon turned back to the newly spawned elemental who was pelting him with frost bolts of its own. Taking advantage of the distraction Unsho dispelled the ice block and once again blinked away to gain distance.

The demon was hurting badly now. It's body was riddled with broken chunks of ice that melted away to be followed by streams of gushing green blood. The demon had destroyed the second elemental and was making one last attempt to reach Unsho but he had other plans for it. With a final bolt of frost Unsho stuck the beast directly in the face, a critical hit that caused an icy shard to enter the eye of the monster and pierce its brain. It fell will with a great unceremonious thud before him.

Smoke rolled in foul smelling wisps from Unsho's burned clothing. Chunks of his undead flesh were missing but it was always hard to tell how much of that was new or old. He reached down and picked up the halberd with both hands holding it above his head. He was laughing again.

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