The Tribunal of Ages (WoW)  

Not so much a boss as an encounter, the Tribunal of Ages is in the non-linear Hall of Stone instance.

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The Breakdown

The event start when you talk to Brann, he will then walk to the room where the encounter occur. It's a lot easier to clear the path to the room on your own and talk to him after, rather than escort him through the mobs. Once he's at the stairs of the room Brann will stop and allow you to rest after clearing this trash, talk to him again to begin the encounter. There are three large faces surrounding your party in the room. If you are facing the exit, they are (clockwise) Kaddrak, Abedneum and Marnak.

As soon as Brann enters the room, Kaddrak, the face directly to the right of the entrance, will activate. This face will shoot a bolt for roughly 500 Arcane damage at a random party member every ~ 3 sec for the remainder of the fight. Waves of groups will start to appear. The first waves come slowly, with each group appearing roughly 45 seconds after the last. Groups consist of three elites, two melee and one caster (3 melee on heroic). Mobs will go directly to Brann, if not picked up. Brann doesn't have so much health, so they must be tanked.

After several waves, Brann will yell and the face to the left of the entrance, Marnak, will activate. This face fires a shadowy orb at the ground where one person is standing (similar to Void Reaver and his orbs). Any player hit by this will be afflicted by a debuff which increases damage taken by 50% on normal and 100% on heroic for a short time. Waves will begin coming faster now, about every 30 seconds, and two non-elite casters are added to every second wave.

After another two minutes or so, Brann will yell once again, and the final face opposite of the entrance, Abedneum, will activate. The third face fires a channeled beam at a location on the floor that deals 500 damage per second to anyone within 10 yards of it. On heroic, the damage is about 2000 per second, coupled with the damage debuff from the second face the beam can reduce your health at an astonishing rate. The damage will be ramping up at this point, so avoiding beams by moving out of them is paramount. Mobs will be coming at an increasing pace, ramping up to roughly every 15 seconds by the end of the event. At this point, killing the mobs is not a priority so much as survival, proper use of CC and various AoE stuns (i.e. Shadowfury, Hungering Cold, etc.) can save lives. Survive for another 3 minutes and Brann will yell last time, causing faces to turn on mobs, destroying them quickly.

A Tribunal Chest containing the event's loot will then appear in the center of the room.

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  • Brann Spankin' New - Defeat the Tribunal of Ages encounter in the Halls of Stone on Heroic Difficulty without allowing Brann Bronzebeard to take any damage.

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