The Verminous Horde  

Warhammer Online
a.k.a. Update 1.4.0

When we launch The Verminous Horde, it will be available for purchase at the EA Store for all regions. You will receive codes that, once applied to your account via the Mythic account center, will unlock the offerings of RVR packs. We've focused the paid content into 2 packs, Progression and Personality, while the rest of The Verminous Horde content will be available for free via Game Update 1.4 Details of what's offered in each of these packs can be found in the sidebar on this page. The packs can be purchased independently for $10, or together for $15. Moving forward, we want to keep offering our Community more Packs like this at regular intervals. This, of course, depends on player reaction and how well you like this model, so please, give us your feedback and share your thoughts!

The other major part of The Verminous Horde is Game Update 1.4.0 which contains content for all subscribers of the game, whether you choose to purchase the RvR packs or not. It is our hope that doing it this way will maximize the population in all RVR areas and ensure the best possible play experience. The full patch notes can be seen here. Highlights include an entirely revamped ORVR zone capture mechanic, the Skaven dungeon Thanquol's Incursion, and controllable Skaven classes that players can use in ORVR once the dungeon has been conquered. And with that, we will see you on the battlefield! [1]

  1. ^ Warhammer Harbinger Newsletter #60

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