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Totems are handy items created by Woodworkers. There are a variety of effects available, the most popular being Power regeneration, but also including utilities like vision assistance, water breathing and runspeed enhancement. They equip in the Charm slot or can be used from inventory. Regen Totems stack with other forms of regeneration like food and drink. It is always best to use the Regen totem appropriate to your tier. Regen/tick listed here is the maximum.

GU58 Changes

It's important to note that with GU58 totems are made in stacks of 20 with one charge each. You'll still see the old five-charge totems on the market, so look before you buy! Totems now stack to 100.

The GU58 change made Totems "Potions" instead of "Baubles". When selling totems they can go into general Salesman's Crates. Any totem with an illusion can go into a Jewelry Box, and any totem at all can go into Potion Cabinets.[1]

Type Name Effect Duration Illusion? Equipable WW Level
HealthSpirit Totem of the FrogOut-of-Combat Health Regen 8/tick30 minYes18
HealthSpirit Totem of the BearOut-of-Combat Health Regen 22/tick30 minYes1018
HealthSpirit Totem of the Snow BearOut-of-Combat Health Regen 42/tick10 minYes3028
HealthSpirit Totem of the TigerOut-of-Combat Health Regen 62/tick30 minYes3038
HealthSpirit Totem of the Alpha FelineOut-of-Combat Health Regen 82/tick30 minYes4048
HealthSpirit Totem of the CobraOut-of-Combat Health Regen 102/tick30 minYes5058
HealthSpirit Totem of the Carnivorous PlantOut-of-Combat Health Regen 127/tick30 minYes6069
HealthSpirit Totem of the CockatriceOut-of-Combat Health Regen 228/tick30 minYes7079
HealthSpirit Totem of the FearstalkerOut-of-Combat Health Regen 265/tick30 minNo8082
HealthSpirit Totem of the Swamp ElementalOut-of-Combat Health Regen 303/tick30 minNo9095
PowerSpirit Totem of the BeetleOut-of-Combat Power Regen 12/tick30 minYes18
PowerSpirit Totem of the RatOut-of-Combat Power Regen 24/tick30 minYes1018
PowerSpirit Totem of the Winged ViperOut-of-Combat Power Regen 36/tick30 minYes2028
PowerSpirit Totem of the BatOut-of-Combat Power Regen 48/tick30 minYes3038
PowerSpirit Totem of the HawkOut-of-Combat Power Regen 60/tick30 minYes4048
PowerSpirit Totem of the MonkeyOut-of-Combat Power Regen 72/tick30 minYes5058
PowerSpirit Totem of the BeholderOut-of-Combat Power Regen 84/tick30 minYes6069
PowerSpirit Totem of the GoblinOut-of-Combat Power Regen 96/tick30 minYes7079
PowerSpirit Totem of the BambooOut-of-Combat Power Regen 108/tick30 minNo8081
PowerSpirit Totem of the HolgreshOut-of-Combat Power Regen 120/tick30 minNo9095
UtilityTotem of the OtterAllows Caster to breathe water15 minNo118
UtilitySpirit Totem of the WolfIncreases Run Speed of Caster by 24%30 minYes1539
UtilitySpirit Totem of the ChokidaiIncreases Run Speed of Caster by 45%30 minYes6570
UtilityTotem of the SabertoothIncreases Run Speed of Caster by 55%30 minYes8081
UtilityTotem of the Deadly SabertoothIncreases Run Speed of Caster by 75%30 minYes9095
UtilityTotem of the JaguarGrants invisibility and stealth to caster. Suspends speed enhancements15 minNo3049
UtilityTotem of the ChameleonGrants invisibility to caster. Suspends speed enhancements.30 minNo3049
UtilityTotem of the VoidGrants invisibility to group members. Suspends speed enhancements30 minNo8082
UtilityTotem of EscapeTeleports caster within the zone when not in combat.1hr recastNo8084
UtilityTotem of the Enduring SpiritUnderwater Breathing. Walk Under WaterFish Vision. 15 minNo8085
UtilityTotem of the Great ChameleonGrants invisibility to caster. Suspends speed enhancements.
Increases invis movement speed by 50%.
15 minNo8087
UtilityTotem of the Mystic ChameleonGrants invisibility to caster. Suspends speed enhancements.
Increases invis movement speed by 25%.
15 minNo3095
UtilityTotem of the Endless VoidGrants AE group invisibility. Suspends speed enhancements.
Increases invis movement speed by 10%.
1 dayNo9095
VisionVision Totem of the TurtleFish Vision15 minNo129
VisionVision Totem of the ButterflySee Stealth15 minNo2029
VisionVision Totem of the OwlSee Invisibility15 minNo2029
VisionVision Totem of the CatSee Invisibility & Stealth15 minYes7070
VisionTotem of the Enduring SpiritFish Vision. Underwater Breathing. Walk Under Water15 minNo8085
Game Update #58
Arcanum Revealed
October 12, 2010

  1. ^ Domino's post on the Tradeskill forums.

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