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The trade channel is a great tool that allows players in any major city to advertise their desire to buy or sell particular items. Used properly, the trade channel can be used to quickly and easily reach a large player base.

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Trade Channel Terminology

While everyone appreciates good grammar, there are many commonly accepted abbreviations and acronyms used in the trade channel. Some of the most popular are:

  • WTS - Want to Sell
  • WTB - Want to Buy
  • WTT - Want to Trade
  • PST - Please Send Tell

Here's an example of a common trade request you might encounter:

WTS Lifestone 200g PST

This indicates that the person has a Lifestone for sale for 200g, and that if you are interested in purchasing it you should whisper them. As you can see, while it's entirely possible to type out that you have something for sale and that interested parties should whisper you, the shorthand used in the example is much simpler for everyone involved.

Trade Channel Etiquette

The trade channel is the only channel that will reach players in every major city, rather than being localized to your area, and is thus the most commonly used channel in the game. While most players are indulgent of the occasional off-topic comment or remark, there are a few activities that will generally earn you universal scorn. Remember, while you have the option to behave however you like within the ToS, your behavior will affect how other players perceive you. A few of the comments that will usually result in a negative player reaction are:

  1. Excessive spam - This can include spamming the same WTS item 5 times in a row, or making multiple posts in the trade channel that have nothing to do with trades. Looking for someone to run you through an instance for 5 gold is, while ultimately a trade-off, is better left to the general channel. Guild recruitment as well should be left out of the trade channel. One guild recruitment consisting of five or more lines that is run at consistent intervals is very effective at keeping others unaware that actual trade announcements/requests are occurring.

  1. Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker - This legendary weapon has become more powerful than since with the release of the Burning Crusade. Before the release of the expansion it was considered by many to be the best tanking weapon in the game. Since the Burning Crusade, the blade has evolved into something infinitely more powerful; the legendary trade channel spam. If you choose to link this weapon in the trade channel, you will see the entire server population instantly divide into 2 camps; those who applaud your decision to link the weapon, and those who hate you with a fire that burns brighter than a thousand suns. The decision rests with you, just remember that the person you annoy today may be the Guild Leader who denies your application tomorrow. Other popular items to link include the Warglaive of Azzinoth, Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury and anything that can be used to make an awful pun.

  1. Chuck (You know the one) - While we can all agree that he invented tough, and the wind blowing through his beard can reverse global warming, the fact remains that the one place Mr. Norris has no actual power is the World of Warcraft. However, comments regarding his greatness continue to periodically make their way into the trade channel. Much like Thunderfury, comments about his Chuckness will galvanize the player population either for you or against you. Insert Chuck into the trade channel at your own risk.

  1. Looking for a crafter - When requesting help from someone knowledgeable in their profession whether to make potions, armor/weaponry, provide enchants/disenchants, unlock a box or obtain a portal to some far-off land, it is always polite of you and time-saving for you and the crafter if you have done a little research and know what it is you are seeking. For example, if you would like your weapon enchanted, be kind and find out via the internet exactly what you are looking for and as an added bonus, the materials provided. A general enchant request could garner you responses from ten people with a crafting skill of less than 50. Typing "looking for a BS" is not considerate if you haven't done your homework and are going to ask "Do you have anything for me?" Thus ending in the BS having to see what your profession/level is and then asking whether you were looking for an armorsmith or weaponsmith and them trying to assimilate what would be best suited for you... it only takes a couple of minutes to research and find what weapon/armor you would like and explain that in your request for a BS. Remember, these crafters also want to enjoy the game so be nice and plan ahead by explaining what you need, whether or not you have the materials/mats needed for the craft and whether or not you are willing to tip (one who tips will generate more and quick responses).

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