Trolls of Halvung  

These massive beastmen make their homes around Mount Zhayolm. The Trolls originally inhabited the precipitous mountain ranges that lie in the center of the Aradjiah continent. However, through the generations, ranks of Trolls made use of their brawn and courage to join the Gigas from the north and the Mithra from the south in the mercenary trade. The Trolls' ancestors served as a mercenary unit in the Imperial Army, and were afterwards hired by the Moblins. The reasons for their move to Mount Zhayolm are debatable, but they were able to maintain autonomy over their mercenary lands (also known as Halvung Territory) by paying tribute to the Empire until the conflict for the Astral Candescence began. Thanks to the Moblins' generous technological offerings, the Troll mercenaries now possess equipment superior to that of the other Near Eastern beastmen, including naphtha-powered incendiary weapons and mass-produced cast metal helmets. According to rumor, the Trolls also undergo anatomy-enhancing surgical operations in order to survive in the harshest of environments. Their might and hostility towards Aht Urhgan make the Trolls the Imperial capital's greatest threat.

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