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Keeper of the Banstick

He holds an epic banstick in the name of Win and even more Win.

Gaming Background

I've been a gamer since early 1981, starting off with D&D, then moving to Gamma World, Shadowrun and Boot Hill. I started into video gaming with Final Fantasy on the Nintendo, eventually moving into PC gaming around 2000 or so with Everquest. I got really burned out and irritated with SoE and all their changes with the game so I moved to SWG. I planned to stay with it due to the amazing skill based "progression" system until Sony was nice enough to completely destroy the game with a series of pathetic attempts at system updates. At that point I moved to DAoC and a few other games until I ran into WoW. I took a break right before I started working for Alla to play LotRO, got moved back to WoW, quit working for Alla, played wow and now back to Everquest, my original favorite.

Everquest Characters

Name Level Class Server
Waradin Soulmender
Shaman Xegony
Druid Xegony
Garleah Rotgaze
Necromancer Xegony
Riae Soulmender
Shadowknight Xegony
Sunon Mahfur
Beastlord/Merchant Xegony
Telessar Moonshadow
Druid Cazic Thule

WoW Characters

I've permanently retired from WoW. Don't miss it.

How do we contact you outside of Allakhazam?

  • IRC: No longer in use
  • In-game: On EQ, I play on Xegony. Character names listed above
  • E-mail: You can PM me here and on the site as well.

Fun Facts

  • Happily married
  • Mountain man nowadays
  • Proud pet of a german shepherd and 3 cats
  • Soon to be Grampa!!!


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