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We will take the user Interface (or UI) a section at a time. First, because we can't talk about them if you don't turn everything on, go to Menu (shown at right, just to the right of your main Quickbar), then System Menu and Options. Under Game Options ->User Interface, make sure Show Extra Quickbar 1, Show Extra Quickbar 2, and Show Extra Quickbar 3 are all checked. Also, I prefer to use UI Style: HUD Top, and that is what we will be showing here.

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All About You

Your Status
Your Status
In the Top Left Corner you will see your status display. Starting with the 3 colored bars: HP is your Health aka (Hit Points), MP is your Mana Points, and DP is Divine Points (more about that later, as it will not accrue until you Ascend at Level 10). Sometimes you will see a health bar, yours or someone else's, turn green. That is an indication that you (or your target) are under the effects of an Abnormal Condition.

To the left of that you will see three circles. The left-most is your current level, the middle is an icon representing your class, and the last one, the little sword icon, is an indicator that you have activated (by pressing the "B" key) your Power Shards, assuming you have them equipped.

To the right of the DP bar is a circle that will indicate, when you get there, the Level of Divine Spell you can use at this time; I, II, or III. You will also know your DP Readiness Level by a divine aura surrounding your body (more about this at Divine Points).

To the left of the Minimap are two important items, but you cannot see anything there unless it applies to you. Across the top of this area will be icons indicating any Buffs you have on you, under that will be icons of any detrimental affects on you, such as Poison, Stun, Silence, or Charm. Both types also display a time until they expire.

Although it is not in the same area, on the very bottom of the screen, under the main Quickbar, is your XP indicator. This shows how much XP you have towards your next level. Mousing over it will give you the actual numbers of your total XP, and how much you need to reach the next level.


An Aggressive, Disciplined, Normal mob 2 levels above your own Level
An Aggressive, Disciplined, Normal mob 2 levels above your own Level
An aggressive, level 16, Expert Elite mob, with 2 DOTs on him, targeting a Templar
An aggressive, level 16, Expert Elite mob, with 2 DOTs on him, targeting a Templar
The UI provides a large amount of information about anything you target. At the top, to the right of your status, is your target (if you have one). Across the top of the bar is the target's name, and even the color of the text tells you something about your target. This color is the same as the color of the text over the mob's head.
  • Grey - 3 or more levels below your own.
  • White - 2 below you
  • Light Yellow - 1 below you
  • Strong Yellow - Same level as you
  • Pale Orange - 1 level above you
  • Orange - 2 levels above you.
  • Red - 3 or more levels above you.
If you have any doubts, the target's level is displayed on a small circle on the left side of the bar.

Beside that is the Consideration icon. NPCs will have an Icon representative of their function. Monsters will have a green, straw, or red icon with a number of dots, or lights. The color indicates how they regard you (friendly, neutral, or aggressive) and the number of dots indicates how hard the mob hits. 1 dot is a cream-puff, and 6 dots hits like a freight train. The vast majority of monsters will have 2 dots. A solo mob is still soloable, but you may want to have some healing potions on you before tangling with a 4, 5, or 6 dot solo mob. As a rule of thumb, a 3-dot mob hits as hard as you do.

The styling, from simple to elaborate, around the bar tells you if the mob is Normal, Elite, Hero, or Legendary.

The red bar is the target's health, just like yours.

And, lastly, to the right of the bar is the distance to the mob, and his difference in altitude to you.

If you have it enabled, your target's target will appear on a small bar below and to the right of your target, and below that will be the name and casting time of any spell or skill he is attempting, as well as icons indicating any DOTs or othrer detrimental effects currently active.

If your mouse is hovering over the mob, in the lower-right will be a box with some of this same info, and some new facts. If the target you are hovering over is another player their class will appear here, too, along with level, and any special ability they have, such as "Pre-emptive Attack".

The World

The MiniMap
The MiniMap
In the upper-right corner is your MiniMap. This is like a radar. It shows the area immediately around you, and shows mobs and other things as red (aggressive), white (docile) and blue (NPCs) dots. The direction you are facing will show as a brighter arc and represents your field of vision. Mobs will only show if they are within this area. You also have an area of awareness all the way around you that will also show dots.

Grey arrows on the edge show the direction to Places that you know. A blue arrow would indicate an NPC involved in or offering Standard quest, a yellow arrow indicates an NPC involved in or offering a Campaign quest, and a purple arrow is the pointer to someone, some place, or some thing you have used "Locate" to find.

The circle on the top-right shows a Sun or Moon, showing if it is currently night or day, and hovering over it will how you the date and time, in-game. On the lower-right is a map button that will open the world map, same as pressing "M".


Chat Window
Chat Window
Well, as you can see, my chat at the time was exclusively ScreenShot messages. Across the top you see 2 small icons and 4 tabs. The icons are the Chat Menu access, and a grab point for moving the window. The tabs are All, Normal, Combat and Group. You can make other tabs and the chat filtering is pretty comprehensive, and not within the scope of this guide. See Chat.

When you press / or Enter, a small, one-line, box opens under the chat window for inputting your commands or chat text. A small icon on the left of this is the Chat Channel selector, and an icon on the right will switch between Standard and International keysets for systems that are so equipped.


Quickbars Main, 1 & 2
Quickbars Main, 1 & 2
Each Quickbar has 12 boxes. The main Quickbar is activated with 1 through 0, plus - and =. Extra Quickbar 1 is accessed with the Alt key, plus 1 to =. Extra Quickbar 2 uses the Ctrl key plus 1 to =, and Extra Quickbar 3 is vertical, mounted on the right edge of the window, and has no hotkey to pres by default, although you can certainly bind keys to them through the Options Menu.

In addition to all of this, there are 10 sets of all 4 bars. You change Quickbar sets with the Shift key, plus 1 to 0. The current Quickbar Set # is indicated to the right of the Main Quickbar, and you can also roll up and down using the arrows, there.

Game Menu

Game Menu
Game Menu
This button access the main Game Menu. Due to the sheer number of available options, this topic is covered in it's own Game Menu guide.

Influence Ratio

Influence Ratio
Influence Ratio
It seems that your race's influence (on your server) can affect vendor prices for goods and services, as well as the percentage of your coin you must pay in taxes. This is all apparently tied into the Abyss Points system but we have not gotten that high yet so have no clue how it works.


Flight Indicator
Flight Indicator
Mouseover Flight Status
Mouseover Flight Status
A winged shield surrounded by a circular indicator bar. If the shield is lit you can fly, for as long as the indicator bar remains lit. This will turn red when you are low on flight time.

For a complete discussion of Flying, and advice on how to do it well, see Flight.

Movement During Combat

Moving while fighting can actually affect your statistics. This will be indicated on the UI by a green arrowhead(s) on or about the center of the screen. The three types of movement are:

+10% Physical Damage
+10% Magic Damage
+500% Parry
+500% Block
+300% Evasion
-20% Physical Defense
-20% Magic Resistance
-70% Physical Damage
-40% Movement Speed
-70% Physical Damage
-20% Movement Speed

More information on this topic can be found here at PowerWiki.

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