Verteron (Aion Zone)  

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Type Public Outdoor
Sphere Elysea
Level Range 10-25
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Verteron Citadel

Flight Stations

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Map of Verteron

High above the Citadel floats the first Abyss Gate, which you can use to travel to Teminon Wharf in Reshanta once you reach level 25 and complete the Abyss Entry campaign quest series.


The Brigade at the Citadel is hard pressed right now, handling the increasingly-frequent raids from the Tursin Outpost, which has left many important tasks undone. Spatalos is therefore, understandably, glad to see you. He has heard that you are a Daeva that, though new, can get things done.

First, go see Valuerin about some clean-up here in the Citadel that needs doing (Danger Overhead).

Once that is done, Spatalos would like you to check into several recent occurrences that may have deeper significance, and pursue them to their conclusions. He leaves you considerable flexibility in deciding just how much that may require.

A group of hooligans have been seen, recently, in the vicinity of the Citadel. Check them out and make sure they are not some indication of a greater threat (Loiterers).

There are indications that the Krall, here in Verteron, are also trying to refine Odium (Odium In The Dukaki Settlement). If that is true, and since the mining operations here are much bigger and better organized than they were in Poeta, the danger could also be much greater.

The leader of Tolbas Village, Leto, has made several appeals to the Citadel for aid, mostly having to do with the Krall and Dukaki mining operation to their north, but also concerns about wild animals, Frillnecks, attacking villagers who venture into the Southern Tolbas Forest (Frillneck Hunt).

This last may fit in with a request for help from a Daeva that has been sent by Sanctum to study the pollution problem there. While you are in the area, check in on Archaeolus and see if you can offer him any assistance (Source Of The Pollution).

Finally, the pilgrims and protectors guarding the Ardus Shrine, in the Holy Ground of Miraju, have recently suffered from attacks by the Krall of the Tursin Garrison. Speak to Lunax at the Ardus Shrine and take care of it (Held Sacred).


There are many Citadel residents that need some help. Sentinel William is up to his neck in Lobnites and could really use a hand (Lobnite Hunt), and Spiros has a request from Sanctum that he is really at a loss to fulfill (Ancient Lobnite Fossil). Hyacinte has a dispute with his local armor supplier and could really use an outsider to help resolve it (Undelivered Armor).

There are several tasks waiting for someone going to Tolbas Village, so be sure and look for those before you leave (A Mother's Worry, Old Man's Letter, Supplies For The Vigilance Committee).

Along the way to Tolbas Village you find a Gatherer, Gano, who tells you how concerned he and Ondanius are for their friend, Belbua, whose farm this is. Maybe you should go talk to his scarecrow, Nola. Yes, his scarecrow... it talks!

When you reach Tolbas Village, talk to Nemea and Eradis before you bind here at the Village. Either way you are gonna have to run somewhere, though...

Named Monsters

Image Name and Location Level Notes
Shaman Chankaki (PW/yg) 16 Chankaki's Tunic (PW/AA)
Hakka the Bigmouth (PW/yg) 16 Hakka's Dagger (PW/AA)
Verteron Superior Armor (Feet)
Scrapper Tunkara (PW/yg) 16 Tunkara's Jewel (PW/AA)
Tunkara's Sword (PW/AA)
Verteron Superior Armor (Hands)
Blindeye (PW/yg) 17 Paruka's Longbow (PW/AA)
Paruka's Warhammer (PW/AA)
Verteron Superior Armor (Shoulders)
Lonely Mepisto (PW/yg) 18 Mepisto's Gauntlets (PW/AA)
Scrapper Kuntura (PW/yg) 18 Kuntara's Greatsword (PW/AA)
Kuntara's Tome (PW/AA)
Verteron Superior Armor (Legs)
Kumbacha the Shaman (PW/yg) 18 Kumbacha's Spear (PW/AA)
Kumbacha's Staff (PW/AA)
Verteron Superior Armor (Body)
Smackstopper Tambaku (PW/yg) 19 Tambaku's Belt (PW/AA)
Tambaku's Shield (PW/AA)
Lamega 19 Gerik's Ring (PW/AA)
Lamega Shell (PW/AA)
Wind Spirit Shalph (PW/yg) 19 Shalph's Leather Shoes (PW/AA)
Aishi 19 Aishi's Earings (PW/AA)
Aishi's Jewel (PW/AA)
Aishi's Tome (PW/AA)
Scout Takata (PW/yg) 19 Takata's Earrings (PW/AA)
Verteron Superior Armor (Head)
Chieftain Kraka (PW/yg) 20 Kraka's Mask (PW/AA)
Tursin Leather Belt (PW/AA)
Tursin Seal (PW/AA)
Commander's Weapons
Kraka's Seal (PW/AA)
Note: For drops in the Notes column, we list only Superior or better drops on this table, and some of those will be a single link to a Set page. For a complete list of the drops we know about, see the mob's page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers direct from Region Chat.

  1. Poppy's location
    Poppy's location
    Q: Where the @#%$ IS Poppy?
    A: Poppy is in a corral in the Dukaki area (see map fragment). Take the eastern road through the area and, just before the Zumion Canyon intersection, the corral will be east of the path. Look for the Kobold Cook by the cook pot if you don't see the corral. (Missing Poppy)
  2. Q: Poppy keeps resetting and won't follow me. Is this bugged?
    A: No. You have to move slowly, a few steps at a time. If it helps, use the period key to change from Run to Walk. If you get more than 10 meters or so from Poppy he will break and you will have to start over. (Missing Poppy)
  3. Q: Where is the Verteron Pepper?
    A: The Food Merchant in Verteron Citadel, Drasia sells it for 119 Kinah .

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