Veteran Rewards (Aion)  

Veteran Rewards are goodies you receive for longevity. They are a thank-you from the publisher to those that have been with the game for a time.

They were available in Aion (NA) until 2/26, 2012, then discontinued. They are still available in Aion (Europe).

To claim a Veteran Reward in Aion (Europe):

  • You can claim your rewards in the web-based shop vault, by the Manage bonuses feature.

Your rewards are mailed to you, via the in-game mail system, and usually arrive in seconds. They are sent by Shugo Express, so you can click on the package icon by your minimap and a Shugo courier will appear to deliver your packages! (You can also pick them up at any mailbox, of course.)

In Aion (NA), the time period is a calendar month, regardless of how many days are in the month, so if you started playing on launch day, 9/22/09, your rewards will be available on the 22nd of each month, thereafter. Each paid subscription month (they don't have to be continuous) will advance your level of rewards available. They were available until 28th month, before being discontinued.

In Aion (Europe), the time period is equal the amount of Gold Pack (30 Days) (PW/AA) that have been activated for the given account. The progression is updated as soon as the items being activated. As example, opening 2 Gold Packs in a row, will advance progression of two months. On the accounts that were transferred from NC service to Gameforge service, the time period is added to the previous time the account have earned in NC service. As example, an account who were previously accredited 5 months of VR when in NC service, if opens 2 Gold Packs in a row, will advance progression of 2 months, giving access up to VR's 7th month. Rewards are available up to 40 months.

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1st month: Pop Daeva

2nd, 4th, 5th month: Honored Daeva

3rd month: Dance Daeva

6th month: Soaring Daeva

7th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 16th, 17th month: Honored Daeva

9th month: Guardian Daeva

12th month: Master Daeva

15th month: Awakened Daeva

18th month: Lucky Daeva

19th, 20th month: Revered Daeva

21th month: Flirty Daeva

22th month: Revered Daeva

23th, 25th, 26th month: Faithful Daeva

24th month: Eternal Daeva

27th month: Tenacious Daeva

28th month: Faithful Daeva

29th month: Ambitious Daeva

30th month: Exemplary Daeva

31th month: Respected Daeva

32th month: Honourable Daeva

33th month: Notorious Daeva

34th month: Triumphant Daeva

35th month: Legendary Daeva

36th month: Glorious Daeva

37th month: Fabled Daeva

38th month: Mythic Daeva

39th month: Victorius Daeva

40th month: Epic Daeva

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