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What are voidwalker notorious monsters?

Voidwalker notorious monsters are strong, aggressive creatures that come from the parallel world of Abyssea. These powerful monsters can be drawn into Vana'diel by adventurers who posses an abyssite crystal. At first, adventurers can only draw out the lowest-tiered voidwalker NMs for battles. However, defeating lower-tier voidwalker NMs allows adventurers to eventually battle stronger-tier VNMs, with numerous quality drops as rewards.

How to draw out VNMs

Step 1: Acquire a Clear Abyssite crystal.

Head to Ru'Lude Gardens and speak with Assai Nybaem at G-10. He will sell you a clear abyssite for 1,000 gil. There are four tiers of VNMs, with each tier becoming progressively more difficult. The Clear Abyssite lets you call forth tier-1 voidwalker notorious monsters.

Step 2: Head to a zone with VNMs

Once you have your Clear Abyssite, you are ready to draw forth a VNM. To do this, just go to a zone with VNMs and rest. Listed below are the zones with VNMs. Or, check out the full VNM Table for the zones, drops and spawn conditions of the various voidwalker notorious monsters.

Note: voidwalker notorious monsters (even of the same tier) tend to be stronger in higher-level zones.

Zones with VNMs:

Step 3: Locate the VNMs in your zone

When you reach your hunting zone, you must use the /heal command to draw out voidwalker notorious monsters. If a VNM happens to be standing in your corresponding location in its parallel universe, then it will suddenly appear out of nowhere beside you. If a VNM does not share your location, then your Clear Abyssite will give you a clue as to how to proceed. These clues include:

  • Your abyssite "quivers ever so slightly, but emits no light": All the VNMs in the zone you're in have been killed, and you must wait for them to respawn.
    • Tier II and III VNMs have 1-hour repops.
  • Your abyssite emits light and vibrates slightly, but detects nothing in your vicinity: This means there are VNMs roaming your zone, but you need to get closer to them before you can locate them.
  • Your abyssite emits a beam of light in a certain direction: This shows you the direction of the nearest VNM. Your abyssite also gives you a distance, indicating how far away the VNM is.
  • The strength of your abyssite's light: When you first start out, your abyssite will emit a feeble light, indicating you are hunting a tier-1 VNM. The light emitted by your abyssite grows brighter as you hunt stronger VNMs.

Step 4: Battling VNMs

Voidwalker notorious monsters spawn claimed to the adventurer who draws it out, and only the adventurer who spawned the VNM will get credit for it being defeated. However, everyone in the party or alliance will receive experience/limit points for defeating the VNM, even if the adventurer who spawned it was KO'd during battle. Tier II, III and IV voidwalkers may drop items upon being defeated.

Upgrading your abyssite

Your abyssite will take on a different color after beating an unspecified number of VNMs. When your abyssite changes colors, this means you've advanced to the next tier of VNMs.

Your abyssite may break after spawning a Tier II or Tier III VNM, and spawning a Tier IV VNM appears to cause your abyssite to break 100 percent of the time.

To start a new path, you must return to Assai Nybaem in Ru'Lude Gardens and request a new piece of Clear Abyssite.

VNM Table

View the full VNM Table to learn more about specific voidwalker notorious monsters and the paths of each type of abyssite.

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