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Call of Water Walkthrough (Shaman)

This quest is probably the most time-consuming you will face up to this point as a shaman. There is also not a lot of information regarding it's completion, so I will help out those beginning it with a walkthrough.

Step One: Islen

She's where other posters have placed her next to the ship near Ratchet/Northwest Keep. She will send you to see Brine, in the Southern Barrens.

Step Two: Brine

Brine is not the easiest NPC to find, so let me describe how to find her. Take the road back from Ratchet to the Crossroads. Now take the road leading to Camp Taraujo. Keep going straight, instead of turning right to Taraujo.

You will pass the area called "Field of Giants." You should try to stay on the road if you're just lvl 20, there are some higher level mobs that could give you trouble if you're not adequately equipped.

After you pass the Field of Giants, you will likely come upon a Tauren, named Gann. If you hail him, he will give you some info on how to find Brine. He also begins a quest in the Dwarf area not too far away that is worth doing while you are progressing/completing this quest.

Gann could be past the area where Brine is at, so after you pass the Field of Giants, start looking to your right. You will eventually see a tent/camp on top of one of the foothills prior to one of the pig people areas. This is Brine's camp. You may have to fight some pig people, hyenas, lizards, and flying snakes to get there (lvl 20-23).

Run up the hill to Brine's camp. She'll be waiting for you with a ? over her head. After she talks to you, she'll give you a bag to fill from the pond directly below her camp.

Run down to the pond, kill whatever NPC's you have to, and click on the bag to fill it from the pond. While you're filling it, a lvl 20 pig will spawn that you will have to kill. I wasn't interrupted from filling while the pig shot a few arrows at me.

Take the filled bag up to Brine and she'll talk to you about the pig you just killed and the water you gave her. She'll now give you another bag and tell you to head for Hillsbrad Foothills and Tarren Mill. If you are new to the game, and have spent most of your time in Ogrimar/Durotar/The Barrens, it's time to do some traveling.

Step Three: Tarren Mill

You need to get back to Ogrimar and take the zepplin in front of the city to the Undercity in the Eastern Kingdoms.

When you get off the zepplin, you can either fly to Sepulcher or run/walk there. If you walk there, take the roads leading to Silverpine to get to Sepulcher.

Once you get to Sepulcher, continue on the MAIN road that goes South. You will eventually come to a sign that points to the Hillsbrad Foothills and you should take a LEFT on that road and follow it.

You are now entering "Contestested Territory," and should be in Ghost Wolf form. There may be some Alliance gankers that try to kill you. Stay on the road and keep running.

You will eventually see signs directing you towards Tarren Mill. Follow them into the city. It is a Horde camp and the "Deathguards" in front won't bother you.

There is a well in the camp that you should go to and click on your bag when you are next to it to fill it. After you have filled your bag, you can either run back the way you came, or gate back to the other continent.

Take the filled bag back to Brine. She will take it from you and give you another bag directing you to towards Ashenvale.

A suggestion might be to gain a few levels doing other things before heading out on this and the remaining parts of this quest. You will have to fight a few alliance NPC's along the road going to Tarren Mill. They're not a problem, however. Moreso, the levels might be to give you a little more HP's if you run into Alliance gankers.

Step Four: Ashenvale - Ruins of Stardust

You can take Brine's directions if you want. However, be prepared to do some fighting. There's an easier way.

You probably have gone into Stonetalon Mtns by now (or should have). If you are lvl 23 or better, you should not have any trouble with the route I'm going to give you. You could also do it lower level, but will have some instances with multiple 20+ NPC's.

There is a tunnel that leads from the Windshear Crags area to Ashenvale, and acutally dumps you out near Mystral Lake. Mystral Lake is not the body of water you need, but it is not far off, either. You will see Mystral Lake as you exit the tunnel off to your right.

Take a LEFT instead and follow the path. You will have a few 20+ bears that will aggro if you get too close. You will not need to go too far until you reach the Ruins of Stardust, and the pond there.

There are elementals around the pond that range from 20-23. You will have to fight a couple to get to the island in the center of the pond, and several on the island itself. You will get a few "shredder pages" as loot from these mobs. Save them, because they belong to another quest.

After you have killed the surrounding elementals on the island, look for a birdbath. That is the fountain you need to fill your bag. Click on the bag near the birdbath. Gate back or run back to The Barrens, and Brine.

Brine will take the bag from you and combine them to make water sample that you will need to take back to Islen, near Ratchet (location above).

Step Five: Islen

Islen will take your water sample from Brine and give you the Sapta. You will also be left with a pure water sample from Brine. You need to take both and head back to the other continent near Sepulcher.

Step Six: The Shrine - Water Sapta - Corrupt Manifistation.

The shrine you're looking for is along the coast directly west from Sepulcher. You will have to get down to the coast by backtracking or going a little more south. I went back North a bit and was able to work my way down.

Once you reach the coast you will have to travel along the coast to the shrine. Use the arrow pointing towards Sepulcher on your mini map to guide you. The shrine will be directly west from the arrow. Travel north or south to find it, depending on which direction you used to reach the coast. I did see and didn't bother with a lvl 24 elite NPC as I was traveling to the coast. Most of the NPC's that you may have to fight will be 14-16 werewolf-type NPC's that shouldn't give you any problems.

When you reach the shrine, drink the sapta. The water elementals will then appear. You will need to find/target the Corrupted Manifistation. It is the only one that will allow you to target it. Keep moving/targeting/tabbing to find it, then once you do, kill it. Loot the bracer from the mob.

Head to the altar near the shrine. Click on the altar. You will now get a message to talk to another elemental/manifistation. I found this one near the back and went over and talked to it. This manifistation will speak to you and give you the crystal that you will take back to Islen.

You have 20 minutes once you drink the sapta to find the corrupt elemental, kill it - loot it, go to the altar and click with the water sample from Brine and the bracers, then go and talk to the other elemental. If you don't get it done in time, there is a troll sitting on top of a rock near the shrine that will allow you to go and get another sapta from Islen. You shouldn't need to, but he's there if you do.

Step Seven: Back to Islen

You know where she is. Take your crystal back to her, she'll give you the water totem and also give you your healing stream totem spell.

One of the longest quests you've probably done thus far in the game. It's worth several thousand points in XP, however, so it's worth it. You should be about ready to work on the quests from Gann by the time you finish it, which are worth several thousand as well, and help your Tauren faction.

Good luck, and I hope this saves people time.

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