WOW Guide HiredKillers How to go from 10-30 in 2 Days (Horde)  

HiredKillers How to go from 10-30 in 2 Days (Horde)

At level 10, I can speak for the "horde" only. So.... "Here's what I did..." I'll take you thru the akward 10-30 levels... Also to let you know, I was pretty much using "store" bought weapons. At that time the AH was pretty much barren and void of anything decent. You lucky ones who have started aftewards are lucky. Also, keep in mind, I went from lvl 1-14 in the first day and 14-26 by the second. They were ALL day events, so if your not hardcore, don't get hard pressed that you're not at the same pace. The game has a lvl cap, so don't feel you need to hit it all in one day. Trust me, you have "time" to catch up.

This is pretty much what I did in OB on two characters and finally what I did in retail to level passed others. Also, you should note I pretty much skipped alot of my quests in the beginning. I feel the early quests are kinda fillers for people who "Only want to quest." The same sort of items if not better can be found outside in the world.

Uhm, as the Good people of the church say, "The Lord will provide", in this case, the WOW people. Quests are great for a coincedental XP, but the running around takes away from valuable farming and XP. Trust me, there are plenty of quests, and the early ones are crowded as it is. There will be plenty of awesome stuff to get later, after lvl 30. So forget those quests for right now, most of it that drops regularly is pretty much better. I'd say if you like a specific item off one of them "do it" otherwise, have faith. Also, alot of you are going to be screaming about me skipping instances such as the one in the Cleft of Shadows; for those people, I am sorry and wouldn't suggest any instances until you are 20. The XP isn't that great, and you waiste time dying alot. Ok, so here goes....

1. (1st Day) LvL 10 - Get to the Barrens - I say this because the quests are pretty simple and best of all, they are all linear (You can do them lvl by lvl and not do much traveling). I found being in the Undead area it was kind of all over the place, and I spent more time looking for the 1 quest mob that everybody else was trying to kill. Also, I did play a troll hunter, and found it to be the same case for the Trolls.

2. LvL 10 => Lvl 15 - Discover the Crossroads - Find the inn, make it your new home. You will be spending alot of time here. Load up on all the quests, you are going to find as you level, there will be some quest mobs that you just run up on. I started with the Plainsrunners and Zhevra's. Till you get some decent gear, stick to your level. I started farming from the bridge that connected (Durotar? Ogrimmar region and the Barrens) and moved south west into the Crossroads. The alligators are around level 10 and have a good chance of dropping decent items. Stay away from the scorpian type creatures and mostly anything that have a lasting poison/effect as it does slow down your farming time. You want to move from there killing Plainstriders and Zhevra's.

      • TIP***You want to work in an area that there is no aggressive type mobs, the Zhevra's and Plainstriders are non-aggro and non-social. Killing 2 at once is mostly a death sentance when you're a lowbie, so stick to the area that is lowbie friendly. Again this should be at the camp between Ogrimmar and the Barrens (Crossroads). There is a little Horde camp there that I like. It's the first place you run into west of Oggrimar. Grind on these two mobs until you hit about 14/15.

3. (2nd Day) 14/15 => 18 - NW Barrens - About this time you are probably finding you can start doing some quests at lvl 15. Fine, but keep moving thru each mob until you hit your quest mob area. They have you kill the female lions and male lions and all sorts of stuff ie Centaurs. If you are grinding more like I suggest, move yourself on the road NW of the Barrens. The plainstriders and Zhevras go up in level, which is nice, because they have a tendancy to drop gear and cloth/cotten as well as sticking to "your" level.

4. 17/18 => 20 Ok, stay away from the Centaurs and such as they tend to gang up on you. Stick with north area of crossroads, you almost get close to going into Ashenvale, but "keep west" of that. Ok, this was my sweet spot. I loved this area because there is a hidden vendor back here. If you can't find him, he is in the very NORTH WEST spot of the Barrens. North of the Harpies area and West of the Road leading into Ashenvale. You're going to notice Girafe's, Lions, Aggro-Plainstriders. Ya, its getting a bit tougher, but, the good news is that the mobs are compact here. Compact mobs = High output of kills, ie. More XP, more chances for items. Also you should see a shop close by, even better, means you can farm 10 seconds away from a shop. PICK UP EVERYTHING and sell it, this is good, because if you don't have alot of bags or the bags are 6/8 slot bags, it keeps you free from having to STOP and go back to town. Any green items save for the AH, when you are overloaded by the green hearthstone back and travel to Ogrimmar and AH your stuff. Do this until you are 21/22 or until you are bored. LOL

5. 21/22 => 24/25 Ok, now, if you put off doing the quests in the Barrens, great news, you can pretty much burn threw a good portion of them and bang out alot of XP from doing the quests. Knock these quests out now, alot of the mobs are still close to your level to give you XP and items. Centaur quests will eventually give you a nice ring (prob your first), Echyake or however you pronouce it is a good quest. There are Quillaboars (Boar guys) have good quests/drops. Since you are a high level, with increasingly better stuff or money situation they are easy to solo and you don't have to rely on a group to do them or at least only need one friend.

6. 24/25+ => 29/30 South of the Crossroads is Camp Tarujo - This was my favorite area, put off the quests there for a second. These Thunder Lizards (Big Dinosaur looking creatures) I made alot of money off of these, like 10g in 1/2 hours. One stack of gizzards should net you like 1g. Camp Taurujo is pretty close to repair and sell off things as you go. You can basically start off with the ones that are 21/22 then work your way to about 28. You can also kill the scorpians in this area for the famed "egg" quest and such. Again, I'd postpone your questing for the grinding, but if you need a break from the grind, by all means. There is a special mob Dinosaur (Lighting Lizard) here, kill him, (Onwatanka), he gives you a quick 2800xp plus he drops some of the best equipment I ever got until I hit 30+. You can kill him over and over again. Also, around this area has quests from Camp Taurjo, one of the quests gives you the ability to turn in Bloodshards, which are used for some real nice buffs, and of course quick xp. There is another Boarman type quest that the mobs drop "weapons" for quest items and also have a good tendacy to drop nice rings. This area and the Thunder Lizards were my favorite because of the high quality drops and easy XP. GL there..

7. (3rd Day) LvL 30+ (or if you haven't hit it already) - Do the instances you passed up on. By now, you are probably ahead of most people in the area. They will gladly welcome you into Cleft of Shadows Instance or Wailing Caverns. You also want to check back in the Hall of Heros area, there is a new quest that popped up that sends you into Gnomeregan, which has some excellent Leather/Mail/Cloth reward items (Tripprunner Leather pants I got from this quest lasted till I hit 57). RazorFin Downs is also good around Lvl 30 Located in Deep South of Barrens.

      • Alternate Route - 25+ - IF, you have a good group/clan, start looking to Thousand Needles. There are quests in there have awesome rewards and great XP. I would only suggest these quests if you have a group. It also takes you into contested territory, which I don't suggest you start doing till much later if you are solo.

      • A Quick 45k XP for 30+ - Shimmering Flats have alot of quick quests right in the same area. If you collect all the quests in that area and kill all the mobs it will take you to complete the quest, it will yield at LEAST 45k of XP. Also, you should travel South thru Shimmering Flats and discover Gadgetzan real quick and set it up as your home. Quick and easy to travel from Gadget to Ogrimmar for fast AH needs.

There is alot you miss out on doing what I illustrate here, Tarren Mill, and a bunch of other stuff. Just giving you an idea of "what" you can do by yourself (solo) without relying on others. I truely feel I was able to enjoy the game/quests after I hit 30, instead of dying alot in some instance and eventually hating them just to try to complete some quest that didn't give me anything I needed/wanted. I later after 30 starting to play catchup on the quests, and they were so easy and fast that I caught up in 1-2hours to where everybody else was in the quests.

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