WOW Guide How to Complete All Those Scholo Quests  

How to Complete All Those Scholo Quests

How to Complete All Those Scholo Quests -- and Their Sequels -- in Six Hours or So* -- and with Only Six Deaths (not Wipes!) -- if You Have a Party with Two Viewing Room Keys

  • Well, to be honest, it's hard to say how long it will take five of you to find your Keepsake of Remembrance in Stromgarde (step 17), but I've rounded it to an hour here.

by Arlor, Order of the Mother Moon, Cenarion Circle

Steps are in sets, separated by blank lines, that should be read before attempting the first of each set.

0. Group composition: At least two of these three: warrior, paladin, feral druid (read: plate armor or its equivalent). Two ressers (one can be a druid, as it should only be needed once, if at all -- if either step 8 or 9 go badly, that is). **Two Viewing Room keys.** I used this approach with an all-60 group, but not one outfitted with thoroughly elite gear. Except for me (the druid -- 7/8 Wildheart), the others had less than half their tier 0 class sets. More mobs may have to be killed with lower level members. My group was me (36/15 feral/resto druid) as main healer, 60 warrior as main tank, 60 pally, 2 60 rogues. Note: no shackle, no sheep, but we did it. Make sure everybody who's eligible has the quests "Doctor Theolen Krastinov, the Butcher" ( and "Barov Family Fortune" ( and, optionally, "Plagued Hatchlings" ( (it's mainly good for very rare rep boosts with Argent Dawn that you can get even in raid). It's also easy to finish "Dawn's Gambit" (, if anybody's that far along in that chain.

1. Enter Scholo and kill the 4 guards on the bridge.

2. Choose a sacrificial lamb (warrior, paladin, or feral druid, pls -- good damage absorption is what matters, to allow time) to jump down and aggro all the mobs away from the viewing room door to the opposite corner of the room -- quickly. Keyholder follows quickly but not too quickly and opens the door. The mobs will follow the aggroer and not notice the keyholder because they are not casters. (Death #1!)

3. Sacrifical lamb ghosts back from the graveyard and resses and sacrifices again to get the other three through (or four, if the keyholder died after opening the door), this time dying closer to the door. (Death #2!)

Note. It's useful to use a feral druid for steps two and three. S/he wears feral armor for these sacrifices, and switches to fresh healing armor after.

Note. It's probably possible to do this with one sacrifice, but we didn't risk it on our trip.

Note. It may be possible to actually jump down into the corner near the Viewing Room door and fight the group there in place without aggroing others. But you'll have to do it with some fall damage. You will lose less health from the fall if you jump onto the little bench running around the edge of the room.

Note. Make sure those who have made it to the Viewing Room stay well back from the door when the lamb goes for the second death near the door.

4. Resser resurrects the sacrificial lamb.

5. (Optionally, complete Dawn's Gambit now. Have the group sit on the stairs to the six boss rooms and put down Dawn's Gambit as close to the stairs as possible, then pull mobs a few at time. Trivially easy, it doesn't even matter if your group has no AE if you pull just a few at a time. Take out Vectus's guard, Marduk -- also easy. Vectus himself is pretty tough, have the healer stay out of AE range, as he has an AE flame attack.)

6. Kill Ras for the third deed.

7. Kill the Butcher for the quest and remains of the Sarkhoffs. Make your healer happy: stay out of those clouds, finish the ghouls off from range.

8. Next two steps can be skipped if you can just kill Barov with your group. But you don't need to kill him to get the deed. Now, one resser stays in the Butcher's room while the sacrificial lamb lines up on the right side of the stairs down to Barov's pit. The other three -- including the other resser -- line up on the left stairs. Sacrificial lamb aggros Barov from a distance and runs out and up the steps toward the Viewing Room. Running out fast is critical, as Barov and his guards knock down a lot, and they'll be too close for the others to get the deed safely if they're not kited away. During the kiting, the three take turns grabbing the deed, then hiding in the corners behind the blocks back by the door. They should be able to do this without getting spotted. (Death #3!)

9. Resser resurrects the warrior, and repeat step eight for the resser and sacrificial lamb, using a different sacrifical lamb and keeping the other resser and the fifth player in the Butcher's room. (Death #4!)

Note. For steps 8-9, if there's a druid following the advice of the Note below item 3, switch to feral armor again for this sacrifice.

Note. For step 8, it's useful to decide which order the three grabbing the deed will grab it in, to avoid confusion.

10. Now clear enough of the room outside the viewing room to get to the gate.

11. Die using the remaining mobs in the corner and come back from the graveyard to the instance to res, then out to complete the remains quest with Eva and get the quest for Jandice.

Quest: "Krastinov's Bag of Horrors" (

12. Re-enter the instance and jump down on the safe side, and fight out toward Jandice. Fast way: kill the pats first except the roving mage on the left, take the middle group carefully (fight where they are, don't pull them), then the group to the right of Jandice's door, then line-of-sight pull the group immediately to the left of Jandice's door into the stairs to Jandice while the pat is away, then line-of-sight pull the last group in the corner into the stairs to get the second deed (leave the mage pat, too much risk of chain aggro till both corner groups are dead). This is probably the riskiest step in this guide, as these mobs can fear you. If you're worried, take it slowly: clear the alcove to the right of the stairs first and work around the edge in the normal way.

13. (Optionally, complete Plagued Hatchlings now, but clear more of the room first -- at least the group in the left corner.)

14. Kill Jandice. Don't forget to pull the torch lever and have somebody go back for the greens in the chest before step 15.

15. Die again using any available mob, res at the instance, and complete the Jandice quest with Eva. Now you'll have 1-5 Blood of Innocents for the next step: Kirtonos. (If you use up your Blood in failed attempts, reset the instance and kill the Butcher again to get more -- but you'll need another Viewing Room key to shortcut that.)

Quest: "Kirtonos the Herald" (

16. Now start the instance in the conventional way: kill into the first room to get the first (and final deed), then work through the summoners to Kirtonos. Kill Kirtonos and exit the instance. Talk with Eva to complete and get the Caer Darrow trinket.

Note. Your warrior will be delighted if you get the Valor piece drop.

17. Now follow the various quests from the Magistrate, including the trips to Stromgarde and Baron-side Strat (you can do Menethil's Gift [1] in a raid, so I've allowed two hours for that). Also take a moment to turn in the deeds quest and complete the Bulwark hit now.

Note. The book in Stromgarde is a red, closed book. It appears near fireplaces anywhere in Stromgarde. It seems to respawn in 10-15 seconds for other members of your party.

Note. The reason you're surrendering the Scholo instance and starting over with a second key here is that it takes a few hours to finish all these quests and stuff will respawn anyway.

Quests: Butcher Series: "The Human, Ras Frostwhisper" (, "The Dying, Ras Frostwhisper" (, "Menethil's Gift [2]" (, "Menethil's Gift [3]" (, "Soulbound Keepsake" (, "The Lich, Ras Frostwhisper" (

Quest: Deeds Series: "The Last Barov (PVP)" (

18. When the sequence sends you back, come back and repeat steps 1-4 with the second Viewing Room key to get to Ras and take him out to finish the butcher series. Enjoy phat lewt. (Deaths #5 and #6!)

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