WOW Guide How to Make Money in Leatherworking from 130-250 (Guide)  

How to Make Money in Leatherworking from 130-250 (Guide)

Everyone knows that crafting skills in general are useless (moneywise) from 1-about 150ish. What then? Here's a guide as to what to do with Leatherworking and make enough cash for a lvl 40 mount:

130: Make Hillman's Shoulders X5. Medium Leather costs about 50s per stack (on my server), and Medium Hide 25s per stack, so you can make 5 of these for 1g 30s. Each of them sells for about 12s, so you'll be down about 70s. No problem. You'll get that back soon.

135: Make Toughened Leather Gloves. The silk costs about 2g, the elixers 1g all told, and everything about 30s. You can sell this for 5g-7g on the AH, so selling one will put you up 60s. The demand for these is not very high, however, so be careful about flooding the market.

Keep making hillman's shoulders and alternate with a toughened leather gloves every now and then until 150.

150: Make heavy armor kits and/or heavy leather balls. There is demand for the armor kits in a quest in Silithus, plus they aren't too expensive to make. They'll be a quick way to get to 155.

155. Barbaric Bracers: The Large Fangs cost about 55s per, and you'll need 4 of them, so about 2g20s. Heavy Leather is 75s-1g per stack, so take some of that extra cash from the gloves and buy some, or go farm it in Stranglethorn Vale. The Pearls aren't too expensive, 1g for the ones you need. And Raptor Hide is very cheap. All told, you'll spend about 4g 50s at the most to make this, plus the patterns (in Darnassus) cost about 55s. These can go from anywhere to 7g (usually) to 10g. Thats a 2g50s profit. Keep making a combination of these and the armor kits/balls until 175. The kits will green out long before then, so make some Raptor Hide equipment to get to 175.

175: Green Whelp Armor. The scales can only be found in Swamp of Sorrows, so don't bother trying to farm them. Instead, buy them off the AH. They usually sell for about 1g50s per 4. Add the Heavy Leather, and it'll cost 2g50s per to make them. These can sell for 5g, but sometimes (even with the new patch) they can go as high as 10g. (pattern off AH)

Keep Making GWA. Do not, repeat, do not, flood the market with these.

Around 185, you "may" be inclined to get the gem studded leather belt. The mats are fairly expensive, but you should be able to make a profit, as they sell for 10-12g. (pattern in booty bay)

190. Guardian Gloves. Easy mats, just power level these until 200. Vend them if you want to.

200. There are two good Items for this. Shadowskin Gloves and Swift Boots. Swift Boots cost about 2g for the elixers and 1g50s for the others, and they sell for 4-5g. Shadowskin gloves, the mats are very expensive. 8 Shadowcat Hide (8g) 2 Black Pearl (1g50s) and everything else about another 1g50s. For an 11g cost, you can sell these from anywhere from 15-30g. I saw one of these sell for 50g once. Yep, 50g. But don't go broke on these either. The Hides are rare, and can be found skinned off of Shadowmaw Panthers (37-38) but the drop rate is between 1%-10%. If you buy them, don't pay more than 1g 20s tops each. (note, swift boots pattern is dropped, shadowskin is sold in booty bay)

Levelling wise, you should make as many thick armor kits as you can. They'll level you up to 215ish. Then start making nightscape equipment (headband, tunic, shoulders), they'll level you to 225. (Note, Nightscape should sell for about 1g 20s per, but everybody makes them, so don't flood the market)

Now, you have some choices here. You could split off and take a path, or, you could do what I did, and keep leveling.

A) Make some quivers and Scorpid armor and get lwing to 230.

B) Learn Nightscape Pants and make those until 235.

C) Learn Nightscape Boots. Make Pants as long as you can until it turns green, then switch to the boots.

D) You should get to 250 before boots turns green.

Now after that, I would either spec, or spam rugged armor kits until 260. Your choice. Don't forget to pick up a salt shaker and some deep rock salt off the AH, average price for a saltshaker is about 5g. You need it for the Rugged Hide.

Note for Alliance: Train to 150 in IF, to 225 in Darnassus, and to 300 in Aerie Peak, Hinterlands.

Note for Horde: Train to 150 in Orgrimmar, 225 in Thunder Bluff, and 300 in Camp Mojache, Feralas.

Dragonscale Trainer is in Badlands for Horde (in Middle), Azshara for Alliance (under Dalarath).

Elemental Trainer is in Searing Gorge for Alliance (Bottom Right), Arathi Highlands for Horde (Between Stromgarde and The Manor)

Tribal Trainer is in STV for Horde (middle-west, near Bangalash) and Feralas for Alliance (just past Thalannar in Thousand Needles)

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