WOW Guide How to get to IronForge Stormwind City from Darnassus  

How to get to IronForge/Stormwind City from Darnassus

How to get to IronForge/Stormwind City from Darnassus

By Kessina

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Swords (1H or 2H) and polearms are only trained in Stormwind City. Axes

(1H or 2H) and guns are only trained in Ironforge. If you happen to be a

Night Elf and want to learn these weapon skills, you are in a distinct

disadvantage because those cities are on the other continent. To get to

them is a rather lengthy trek. One of the zones is level 20+ with

aggressive mobs so multiple deaths are almost certain.

In a sense, it is not worth it unless you have the cash to train these

weapon skills (10s each) and have the means to obtain a weapon of that

type (either you got it as a drop or have cash to buy). The added

advantage to delaying the trek is that the mobs' aggro radius will reduce

as you level up. (My theory, I have no way or the desire to confirm it.) At

newbie levels, the aggro radius is HUGE.

In any case, here's a walkthrough.

1) Start at Darnassus (if you are not there, go there)

2) Goto the bank

3) Drop off all damagable item (anything worn that has durability), death

damages them and they'll require cash to fix, better to minimize the cost.

Trust me, they won't help you unless you are high level enough to fight

through the level 20+ zone.

... OMG! Are you going naked?! ... Whatever, its your dignity ...

4) From the bank, head west to the portal. That will take you down to

Rut'Theran Village on the south edge of Teldrassil.

5a) Go down the hill in Rut'Theran and take the left catwalk to the

Hippoglyph Master and ask for a ride to Auberdine on the Darkshore.

5b) Alternatively, go right and take the boat. It will take you to the same

place, just a little slower and longer. Both are free.

6) In Auberdine, run to the dock. At the end are 3 docks, north, west,

south. Wait at the south dock for the boat. Get on and it will take you to

Menethil Bay in the Wetlands.

7) In Menethil Bay, find the Griffon Master so you learn this route.

8) Did I say find the Griffon Master so you learn this route?

9) I did say find the Griffon Master so you learn this route, didn't I? Don't

say I didn't warn you.

10) Head north east out of the Menethil Bay outpost. From here, follow the

path to Dun Algaz. Read every road signs.

11) While running through the tunnels up the mountain in Dun Algaz, you

will most likely die a few times from the orcs/trolls. Don't worry, just get

your corpse back and continue. Since you can recover from a distance,

you can at least advance 10-20 yards farther each time. Sometimes when

you die while inside Dun Algaz, your spirit will spawn in the Loch Modan

graveyard because that's closer than the Wetlands graveyard. Just follow

the grave marker on your radar and take the right path at the Y-split to get

back inside the Dun Algaz tunnels.

When you see the first dwarf mountaineer, you know you have made it

through the hard part.

12) Before you know it, you'll arrive at Loch Modan.

13) Head south along the path. Read every road signs.

14) Half way down the zone is a little village called Thelsamar. It should

be to your left (east of the path), go there and talk to the Griffon Master to

get that route also.

15) Head back to the path and continue south.

16) Right after you pass Valley of the Kings is a path leading west and a

road sign. Go up that path, it will take you to Dun Morogh.

17) At Dun Morogh, follow the path west, read every road sign.

18) Pass the middle of the zone is an intersection, the sign will points you

to Ironforge.

19) When you reach Ironforge, talk to a guard to find the Griffon Master.

He's in the middle of the city next to the giant forge.

20) Find the weapon trainer if you wish to train axes and gun. Ask a guard

where he is.

21) When you are ready to leave, head to Tinker Town (its a district within

Ironforge, look at your map or ask a guard) and run to the Tram station.

22) Take the tram (either will do so I always stand in the middle platform)

to Stormwind City.

23) The weapon master in Stormwind City is in the Trade District as of this

writing. Go to him if you want to train swords and polearm. Ask a guard

for direction.

24) The Griffon Master is also in the Trade District, talk to him to get the


25) Did I say talk to the Griffon Master to get the route?

26) I did say find the Griffon Master so you learn this route, didn't I? Don't

say I didn't warn you.

Now you are set. Happy?

My first time running this route was as a hunter at level 8. The trip took

about 40 minutes, no death. Having Track Beast really help in avoiding

death. Not to mention that someone higher level had gone pass just

before me and took care of the orcs/trolls in Dun Algaz.

My second time was as a hunter at level 2. The trip took about 55

minutes, 3 deaths. This time the orcs/trolls got me, not pleasant but no

big deal either. She dinged level 3 just by visiting all those places.

There you have it, from now on, you can go to those places whenever you

want. Just take the Griffon ride after you get to Menethil Bay.

Go knock yourself out.

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