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Karazhan Key Guide

In an effort to help people along the way to getting attuned for Karazhan, especially you lazy folks, I'm putting together a walkthrough for the quest line. I'm going to try and make it as simple as possible, and where I can, I'll try and reference NPCs by map coordinates. (You will need some sort of addon to display map coordinates) In each section, click on the name of the quest for a link to Allakhazam's walkthrough page for that quest.

Arcane Disturbances & Restless Activity
Starting NPC: Archmage Alturus (47,75)
Location: Deadwind Pass
Notes: Deadwind Pass is located east of Duskwood. Fly to Darkshire from Stormwind, and mount up. The NPC is located in the south end of Deadwind Pass. Archmage Alturus gives 2 quests, both of which must be completed to gain access to the next quest in the chain.

Contact from Dalaran
Starting NPC: Archmage Alturus (47,75)
Location: Deadwind Pass
Notes: This quest sends you to talk to Archmage Cedric in Dalaran. Dalaran the big glowing dome located in Alterac Mountains, which is north from Southshore in Hillsbrad Foothills. Archmage Cedric is located on the north side of the dome at location (15,54).

#3 Khadgar
Starting NPC: Archmage Cedric (15,54)
Location: Dalaran, Alterac Mountains
Notes: Archmage Cedric sends you to speak with Khadgar (54,44) in Shattrath City. Khadgar is the NPC that you speak with to start a tour of Shattrath City, eventually decide between the Aldor and Scryer factions.

#4 Entry Into Karazhan
Starting NPC: Khadgar (54,44)
Location: Shattrath City
Notes: Khadgar sends you to the Shadow Labyrinth to retrieve the first piece of the key. Get a group and make your way through the instance normally. The fragment is located behind the last boss of the instance, Murmur. You must open a container on a small ledge, behind and to the left of Murmur if you are facing him from the entry hallway. When you open the container, an elite mob will spawn. It's an easy kill, especially if you have a full party with you. The fragment is found on his corpse. Head back to Khadgar in Shattrath City.

#5 The Second and Third Fragments
Starting NPC: Khadgar (54,44)
Location: Shattrath City
Notes: For the second fragment you will need to head to The Steamvault in Coilfang Resevoir. Near the first boss, there is a deep pool of water that you can swim into. There is a container that you can click on in the bottom corner of the pool. This will spawn a 70 elite monster, which drops the fragment. The third fragment is located in The Arcatraz instance of Tempest Keep. After you go up the ramp in the first boss room, there will be a room with voidwalker mobs. When you enter the room, the fragment is located on the right, in the corner of the room. As with the others, you must kill the spawn and loot the fragment from it. Now that you have the second and third fragments, head back to Shattrath City and speak with Khadgar.

#6 The Master's Touch
Starting NPC: Khadgar (54,44)
Location: Shattrath City
Notes: Khadgar sends you to get your key from Medivh in The Black Morass instance, located in the Caverns of Time. In order to gain access to The Black Morass, you must first have completed the Durnhold Keep event/instance. In order to get your key, you must complete The Black Morass event, and open the Dark Portal. After the event is completed, you can speak with Medivh and recieve the Master Key! Return to Khadgar in Shattrath City to finish things up, and he will send you to Karazhan, to begin the instance quests. Congratulations! You now have your Master Key and are ready to enter Karazhan. Good luck. =)

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