WOW Guide Summon Succubus (Human Warlock)  

Summon Succubus (Human Warlock)

Quest: Devourer of Souls

Who: Gakin the Darkbinder

Starts in: Stormwind City

Attain: 20

Level: 20

XP: 775

Notes: Go to Stormwind, then to the warlock place in the Slaughtered Lamb (gotta love that name). Talk to Gakin the Darkbinder for the quest. You will have to travel far so have a group of people or a couple of high levels escort you if you like. I made it all the way by myself, but got scared at the Crossroads in the Barrens and waited for some friends to help me with this quest.

Cosmos location for Takar the Seer: The Barrens (HORDE TERRITORY) 49,57 (Camp Taurajo Bramblescar)

How to get to The Barrens: I suggest flying to Menethil Harbor and taking the boat over to Darkshore. Then run, run, run to the Barrens. You should go through Ashenvale (level 30ish critters here) to get to The Barrens (18-25ish). This is Horde Territory so it might be wise to go with a big group, a few high level characters.

If you can�t fly to the Harbor, then journey to Ironforge. Take the North Gate Pass into Loch Modan. Then take Algaz Pass through some tunnels till you enter the Wetlands. Follow the path all the way around till you get to Menethil Harbor. The Wetlands are Contested Territory, so be wary of Horde. Follow the directions above to get to The Barrens.

In The Barrens: When you get to the Crossroads, be sure not to just walk on through it (the guards don�t seem to like that for some reason ), take the left entrance for there are no guards really. After you get around that, then head to Bramblescar and look for a tent at Camp Taurajo, or the yellow �?� or the yellow circle on the minimap and there you will find Takar. After that, return from wince you came, remember to avoid the guards at the crossroads. Go back to Ashenvale.

Quest: Heartswood

Who: Takar the Seer

Starts in: The Barrens

Attain: 20

Level: 20

XP: 1550

Notes: In Ashenvale: Look for the tree surrounded by warlocks and their summons. You can�t miss it really. Pick them off one by one, then loot the tree. Then teleport or whatever back to the inn in Stormwind or wherever your inn is (if your inn is not in Stormwind, you will have to travel there anyway so its best to set it there.

Quest: The Binding

Who: Gakin the Darkbinder

Starts in: Stormwind CityAttain: 20

Level: 20

XP: 1150

Back at Stormwind: Go to the Slaughtered Lamb and talk to Gakin the Darkbinder. Then go to the Summoning Circle (just like what is done for the Voidwalker). Fight the succubus and return to Gakin. This will automatically be put in the spellbook, not in your bag.

Written by budsmoka, edited by Darkflame

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