WOW Guide The Orcish Horde Part I  

The Orcish Horde Part I

Orcs are looking pretty cool, but what concerns do we have for them in the future of World of Warcraft? Considering they are re-building their kingdom and have just settled in the harsh Barrens, and with their profound history, Orcs could either prove to be: the biggest disappointment in WoW, or the greatest race ever to spawn in the World of Warcraft, but most probably somewhere in between.


We all know Orcs as the brutish, violent, green-skinned beings that are the most profound race of all in WoW. They have been through a violent history of bloodlust, tears and passion. They succumbed to the bloodlust of the demons, bound to the Pact of Manneroth and now are free. What will our 'free' Orcs do?

With a new establishment known as Orgrimmar, the Orcs share their capital with their allies, the Trolls. What new adventures will Orcs now seek? There are the Wailing Caverns, which is a huge dungeon where Orc players embark on an average level quest. This dungeon has instanced areas, as well as many spawns and secret areas with some rare drop points across the cavern. This will serve as one of many early dungeons for players in the level 20 range. Orcs are the leaders of the Horde Faction, eternal opposers of the Alliance and lifetime fighters against the Human race.

Nature of the Orcish Horde

Well the Orcs have never really made allies until Thrall, the new visionary of the Orcs who took control and showed them a new path; one with less brutality and violence. After Hellscream took out Mannoroth and finally ended the blood pact, one would imagine Orcs are now friendlier. But are the really? One can suspect that these changes impacted their views - they now have three allies, one of them being the Undead! Would they have still allied with the Undead if not for the blood pact being released? Well probably not, seeing as how the current Undead are renegade, belonging neither to the Legion, Scourge or under the tyrannical control of the Lich King.

Can we now look at the Orcs as honourable allies (if you are non-Orc Horde), or do we still look at them as the vile green beings that will cut their own kin for blood? I think their history portrays them in a stereotypical image that they wish finally to put behind them, and find a new path to enlightenment. Their shamanistic ways will lead them in their courses, but will they ultimately seek resolution in the war-torn times in World of Warcraft?

It seems the nature of the Orcs has not been forfeit; they still use their wooden-spikes as a means of palisade and defense, as well as their style of structure-building. They are still warrior-oriented and are as rough as ever.This could lead us to believe that the Blood Pact did not have such a big effect on the Orcs, as they led us to believe - the Blood Pact could have simply been a lure to get the Orcs just to fight others. I believe this pact only enraged them further than their natural state did, making them hunger for combat so much that they in-turn began to fight each other (Origin Lands of Draenor).

I think it was in the nature of the Orcs' lifestyle to be combat-oriented, and were driven by a thirst to battle by their own blood, but it was the Demon's further initiation which drove the Orcs basically insane. Will we ever see these types of 'Fel-Orcs' in WoW? Shouldn't they be part of the World in which the current Orcs reside in? Time will tell.

Horde vs Alliance or Orc vs Human?

We know that the Orc vs Human scenario has been around since the Dawn of Warcraft, back in the 90's. This conflict has been example for so many things, but what a stupid conflict it has grown into. Just looking at this picture reminds us of the blind rage both races encountered while in battle. The humans were just power-hungry men who wanted nothing more than to defeat these green, brutish beings who threatened their lives. The Orcish Horde rumbled onto the plains of Azeroth after the Dark Portal was opened, in search of their new enemy. Did they know what kind of foe this was? Did they know this foe would meet them in match? Obviously not, the Orcs were eccentric at that time, hungry only to kill and to fight, and to reign supreme.

It was in the Reign of Chaos that the Orcs and Humans finally realized that the Old Hatreds were of no value. The new Enemy had come upon the world, and sought to destroy all life to oblivion, and to over-take the World-Tree and to finally reveal the magic of the Well of Eternity, the magical pool that sat under the World Tree, the reason the demons had come. Easily enough, after being put through such agony where so many had died, and finally Archimonde the Deciever and Mannoroth the Pitlord were finally defeated, both during the same invasion and both were Sargeras' best officers. With the Nazrehim fluttered about, I do not know what is going on with the Burning Legion, but I do know that the Orcs and Humans split again once more, into their war-struggles.

And here we stand. Right here, on the brink of a war. The Alliance Faction opposing the Horde Faction, both the old foes gave their titles away (Orcish Horde, Human Alliance) to their faction, and now become the leaders of their group. This war does raise questions - how sincere is the peace in Kalimdor between the Orcs, Night Elves, Tauren and Trolls. Considerably, the Undead are vunerable to triple attack but the Night Elves seemed to have found an affinity of peace with the Orcs, but WoW has changed all that.

More to come in Part II - Classes...

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