WOW Guide Valley of Trials Newbie Walkthrough  

Valley of Trials Newbie Walkthrough

eing one of the few 'dual' starting areas in the game, the Valley of Trials houses both the barbaric Orc and the understandably under-appreciated Troll. If you have chosen either of these two races you will find yourself plopped down in this closed off and heavily guarded section of Durotar, ready to start off on your quest for glory and swag.

This guide is designed to teach new players on dealing with the Valley and the new aspects of World of Warcraft it is introducing them to.


Before you start off, one of the main things to be aware of is anytime you see a yellow exclamation mark, this means the NPC has a quest available to you.

A grey exclamation mark in turn means that he has a quest ready, but you are not currently of the level required to accept it.

A grey question mark means that you have accepted the NPCs quest and he is waiting to hear of your completion.

A yellow question mark means that you have completed the NPCs quest and he is ready to take it in. Whenever you have completed a quest and are within a relatively short distance of the required NPC to turn it in, they will appear as a yellow dot on your mini-map.

A quest is a stand-alone or series of missions that NPCs send you on to accomplish something on them, which can be anything from fetching them food, killing a bunch of hapless monsters, or taking out a massive threat to the world itself. You will be rewarded with experience, gold, and quite often items for your effort.

NPCs and mobs will come with three different colored name tags, the first one is green. This means they are on your side, you cannot attack them, and they cannot attack you. Normally these will be people in towns. The second name tag is yellow, this means that they will not attack you if you come close by; they are 'passive' enemies. These generally are the normal beasts and creatures of the land. The final type is red, these are 'aggressive' creatures - they are either the opposite faction and at war with you, or simply angry things. They will attack you if you get too close to them. If they are far ahead of you in level, they can see you from a great distance away. If you are far ahead of them in level, they can only see you from a close distance.

Starting it Off

Valley of Trials is one of the beginning zones in the game, geared entirely towards low-levels it is sectioned off and guarded against play by the opposite faction that would interrupt your experience. The zone, well designed to teach new players, can never the less seem daunting to the newly starting player.

As you first log in your character however you will be faced with a cutscene detailing your race's history and your purpose within it. As the scene blacks out the first thing you will see is:

An Orc named Kaltunk directly in your face, with a large yellow quest marker.


And so, through your new buddy Kaltunk begins your journey:

Main Line:

Quest - Your Place in the World - Part 1 of Main Line

Finally, you are of age, 'name'... of age to battle in the name of the Horde. To conquer for the glory of the Warchief.


You will do nicely

No doubt you wish to find a great dragon or demon and strangle it with your bare hands, but perhaps it would be wise to start on something less... dangerous.

Report to Gornek, he should be able to assign a task better suited to a young 'class'. You will find Gornek in the Den, to the west.

  • (NOTE: The 'name' and 'class' markers will have your respective name or class within them, it's a way for Blizzard to make the dialogue more personal and enrich the experience)

  • (NOTE - Navigation: You start off facing the North regardless here, but use the mini-map to orient yourself. The silver arrow on it is you, and the pointed end on it is the direction your facing. As signified by the N, the top of the mini-map of north.)

And so trotting off to the west you find Gornek just inside the entrance to the Den. This will be your first quest completion, and as you can see he has the proper yellow exclamation mark over his head. Talk to him and he will give you your first serious quest. While not quite the main quest line, this is required to reach a level that the main NPC will start talking to you, and while listed in order, players are not likely to complete in a direct order. There is however a variety of sub-quests found around the Valley, those will be detailed later.

Quest - Cutting Teeth - Part 2 of Main Line

Mottled Boar: 0/10

The first order of business will be to put a little strength in your backbone. I could send you out to the Barrens to hunt kodo, but well, in all honesty, you're more useful to us alive than dead.

I believe you would find a good match with the mottled boars you'll find to the north of here.

Chances are you will hit level 2 either during the killing, or when you turn it in. Congratulations. When you return to Gornek he has two new quests for you, one will be a class specific one that will give you a letter. If you open up your inventory and right click on it, it will display the note. While it is not required to read it, it will give some more information and direct you to the person you must bring it to. Take the note to your class trainer and you will be given your level 2 skills, if you are having trouble finding your trainer, the location of the trainers and all NPCs are found at the end of the guide.

  • (NOTE: Every 2 levels, ex, 2, 4, 6, 8, you will be given new abilities. At level 10 you start being able to select talents, and are given a new talent point every level.)

The other quest he has is a continuation of the main quest line, this time to hunt Scorpids:

Quest - Sting of the Scorpid - Part 3 of Main Line>

Scorpid Worker Tail: 0/10

Powerful warrior and awkward novice alike have fallen to the venomous sting of the scorpid. You will find large numbers of scorpids northwest of here. Bring me ten of their tails as proof of your prowess in battle.

The antidote for their sting is actually made from venom extracted from their stingers. We keep large quantities of antidote for scorpid venom on hand to heal young bloods just like you...

But I'm sure you won't be needing any of that, will you?

Once again refer to your mini-map directions to head north-west and find the Scorpids. Unlike the previous quest, this requires you to loot items off them. Right clicking on the body will open it, and then you can click on the items you want. Alternatively, shift+right-click will automatically open and take all items on the body.

  • (NOTE: If you press M you open up the world map, the Scorpids are in the north-west corner of the rocky area that makes up the Valley of Trials, so thus they are west of the cave marker you see at the top.)

As your hunting Scorpids, you will most likely notice a NPC named Hana'zua with a quest called Sarkoth near a tree. This quest is detailed later in the Sub-Quest section.

Chances are you will hit 3 during this quest, congratulations. When you finish head back to Gornek. For the moment now you are done, time to move onto the next NPC.

Quest - Vile Familiars - Part 4 of Main Line

Vile Familiar: 0/12

I trust the Valley of Trials will teach you much, young 'class'.

I was sent to the Valley to guide you, but I have discovered a growing taint here...

A group that calls itself the Burning Blade has a coven here in the Valley of Trials. They are skulking in a cave to the northeast, and their Vile Familiars have spilled from its mouth to cause havoc.

As your first task against the Burning Blade, I bid you, defeat these familiars. Slay many and, if you survive, return to me.

As you finish the Sting of the Scorpid quest, you should see a new quest open up at Zureetha Fargaze who stands by the wagon. This will be the first quest you get to upgrade your starting weapon, and you are set off to the grounds near the cave to the north-east to hunt the gibbering blue menace known as imps. These are the first mobs that you will see with a red name tag, and as a reminder, that means if you get too close they will attack you.

Once you finish killing your 12 Imps, head back to Zureetha to receive your weapon and pickup the next quest.

Quest - Burning Blade Medallion - Part 5 of Main Line

Burning Blade Medallion: 0/1

Through my divinations, I see that an item of power hides deep within the Burning Blade Coven, guarded by beasts and black magic.

It is called the Burning Blade Medallion, and your next task is to find it and remove it from the coven.

But be wary, for the medallion may be possessed by an agent of the Burning Blade, and if so then the agent's power would be greater than the familiars you have already encountered.

Go, 'name'. You will find the coven in a cave, to the north and west.

The second quest from Zureetha, it sends you against your first 'mini-boss' type enemy. While still being able to take alone, he is stronger then the rest of the enemies in the area. As you fight your way through the Coven, you will see your normal Imps and the brand new Felstalkers. Neither should present much of a problem. To reach the agent you must head *right* at the first fork in the cave. As you pass the first overhang into the main part of the cave, keep going, the agent will be an level 5 Orc named Yarrog Baneshadow at the second landing. Kill him and take the Medallion from his body back to Zureetha.

Quest - Report to Sen'jin Village - Part 6 of Main Line

Your trials against the Burning Blade are finished... here in the Valley. But I want you to report your findings.

Go to the troll village of Sen'jin and seek out Master Gadrin. Sen'jin Village is east out of the valley, then right at the fork.

Tell Gadrin of the Burning Blade, and that they have reached the Valley of Trials. Discover from him if they have yet reached Sen'jin.

Go, 'name', and be swift. I fear the evil found in the Burning Blade Coven is but the herald of a larger threat...

And so ends the main quest for the Valley of Trials. With this now in your quest log, you can go to Sen'jin and move onto the next step, but its highly suggested that you take care of the remaining sub-quests first.


One of the first sub-quests that becomes open at level 1 is from Galgar, the cook north of the entrance to the Den. He sends you on your first gathering quest in the game, which albeit rare, more then a few do exist in the game.

Quest - Galgar's Cactus Apple Surprise

Cactus Apple: 0/10

It sure gets hot out here in the Valley of Trials.

If only I had some cactus apples, I could make my famous cactus apple surprise! Nothing cools you off faster than a piece of that delicious treat.

I'll tell you what, 'name'. If you bring me 10 cactus apples, I'll make you a few portions of cactus apple surprise to take with you on your adventures. If you're interested, you can find cactus apples growing near the cactus plants around here.

Cactus Apples can be found wherever you see a cluster of cacti (more then 1-2) and are twisted plants with red buds, if you move your mouse over it, a gear should appear signifying you can perform an action on it. If your too far to perform the action, the gear will be grey ? if your close enough it will be yellow. Return to him once you have your 10 apples and you will be awarded with some of his Surprise.

Quest - Lazy Peons - Part 1 of Foreman's Line

Peons Awoken: 0/5

Foreman's Blackjack: 0/1

Cursed peons! They work hard gathering lumber from the trees of the valley, but they're always taking naps! I need someone to help keep the peons in line.

You look like the right 'race' for my task. Here, you take this blackjack and use it on any lazy peons you find sleeping on the job. A good smack will get them right back to work! Return the blackjack when you're done.

Item Provided: Foreman's Blackjack

A sub-quest that becomes open at level 3 from Foreman Thrazz'ril who is north-east of town on the path, and in all honesty, one of my favorite quests in the game. It's just amusing doing it. When you accept you will be given the temporary item the Foreman's Blackjack which can be used to hit peons upside the head. Look for the big twisted trees jutting out of the ground, near the base a peon will be either working or sleeping, signified by green Z's drifting around his head while he lays on the ground. If you see a peon sleeping, run up to him and open your bags, then right click on the Blackjack to wake him up.

Once you have woken up 5 peons go back and see Thrazz'ril, he'll take the Blackjack back from you (if you destroy it you can not complete quest, abandon it in quest log and do it again).

Quest - Thrazz'ril's Pick - Part 2 of Foreman's Line

Thazz'ril's Pick: 0/1

'name', you are a dependable 'race'. Can I count on you for another task?

Some time ago I was surveying the cave to the north for minerals, and I left my favorite pick behind. When I later returned to retrieve it I found the cave was filled with vicious beasts! Will you go into the cave, the Burning Blade Coven, and get my pick?

I left it in a chamber with waterfalls. My pick has a spell on it so you can see it in the dark, so you won't have to worry about finding it... just what's guarding it!

The second and final quest given to you by Foreman Thrazz'ril is a quest to go recover his pick from the Covens Cave, so back in once more you go! Once you enter the cave, instead of going right, instead go directly ahead to the large room in front of you. In the back of the room beside a waterfall with a light falling on it is the pick. Loot the item and then head back to Thrazz'ril for your reward.

Quest - Sarkoth - Part 1

Sarkoth's Mangled Claw: 0/1

'class'! I thought I would die out here with none to know of it. While I was hunting the scorpids of the Valley, I came across a particularly vicious-looking one. Hurling myself at it, I managed to inflict a massive blow to its claw before it closed around my leg.

I wasn't ready for its stinger though, and it sliced down and into my chest, cutting into my flesh and letting my blood. Please, you must kill the scorpid for me! My honor must be upheld! I fought it up on the plateau to the south.

Obtained at level 1, you're likely to see this quest while your out gathering Scorpid Worker Tails. It is given by Hana'zua who is lying down near a tree in the middle of the Scorpids. While the quest is given at 1, Sarkoth is a level 4 monster that will attack anything that comes near him. Either wait, or join with someone to take him down. Regardless, head south and up the ramp to the top of the plateau overlooking the Den. Sarkoth stands out as he is large, reddish-orange, and the only creature there with a red name tag. Kill him, take his claw, and take it back to Hana'zua. Once you do so the next part will open up:

Quest - Sarkoth - Part 2

Seeing the deed you have done for me steels my heart. I cannot fall so easily! I must endure!

But it remains that I cannot make the trek back to the Den unassisted. Please, 'name', return to the Den and tell Gornek of my situation. Perhaps he can help me.

If you head south once more and go over the rim of the plateau it will drop you right in the middle of the Den, slightly faster then going around the edge.

Class Specific Quests

If your looking for the trainer locations for every class, continue on. This section is for detailing the class specific quests in this area, namely, the Shamans' Earth Totem and the Warlocks' Imp.

Shaman Class Quest - Call of the Earth - Part 1

Felstalker Hoof: 0/2

The time is now, young Shaman. You've grown strong and your spirit endures like the earth. Following the shaman's path shows you have wisdom before even proving yourself.

The element of earth will guide your destiny, becoming part of you if you are ready. But you must stand before the earth itself. If you are ready, then you will see things only shaman know of.

Seek out the Felstalkers to the north, and take from them two of their hooves. Return to me then, and we shall speak more of your future.

You can find this quest at Canaga Earthcaller beside the Shaman trainer once you reach level 4. The Felstalkers can be found quite liberally in the Covens cave, it should not be much problem for you to get 2 Felstalker Hooves and then bring them back to Canaga.

Shaman Class Quest - Call of the Earth - Part 2

A sapta is a drink created to bind our spirits to the elements. Fused with magic, the potion will allow the strong willed to see the elements as no one else can. Your spirit will be connected to the element the sapta was created for, and only a select few shaman know the recipe.

The sapta is always drunk in a holy place, and never anywhere else--remember that.

Seek out Spirit Rock southwest of here--it is found at the end of the Hidden Path. Drink your sapta there, and... well, you shall see.

Item Provided: Earth Sapta

Once you receive the Sapta, head south-west of town, you will see a peon working up by a tree somewhat off the ground. There is an earthen ramp rising up to him, and a large jutting piece of terrain west of the tree. Go around the west side of the terrain up the hill and you should get a message that you have entered the Hidden Path. Follow the path up and around the hill, and you should get a message telling you that you have entered Spirit Rock. A large black monolith will stand in the middle of a rocky clearing ahead of you, run up to it and then drink your Sapta and a large elemental shall appear. If you talk to him, he should give you the last part of your quest.

Shaman Class Quest - Call of the Earth - Part 3

Take this rough quartz from me and bring it to Canaga Earthcaller as proof of our meeting. He will craft a totem for you, and this pebble will be the heart of it. As small as it may seem, you will come to find that size does not matter, and that even the smallest of things can outlast many others.

Be patient, 'name'. Remain strong. And seek wisdom. This is what earth asks of you. In the end, you shall become one with the earth--respect it as it shall respect you.

Item Provided: Rough Quartz

Now go back to Canaga and, congratulations, you now have your earth totem. Quest completed and one totem down.

Warlock Class Quest - Vile Familiars

Vile Familiar Head: 0/6

Those warlocks who came before us have earned the distrust of the Horde, and while we are tolerated, we are not loved.

This has not brought the warlocks closer together, however, as many choose to live reclusively, dabbling in their magics alone. I will not seek to lead you down one path or the other, but only help you in your maturation.

Before I teach you the art of summoning, bring me six heads of the vile familiars from the cave to the northeast.

A simplistic quest that Warlocks can obtain at level 1 from Ruzan, go and kill Vile Familiars then loot them until you have gathered 6 Heads. Bring them back to him and he will award you with the Summon: Imp spell


Here you can find the location of the vendors, trainers, and quest givers in the Valley of Trials. If an NPC does not fall into one of those roles, they will not be listed.


Vendors are NPCs that buy and sell, and in the case of some of them, repair your armor. The items that they will sell differs on their type, but here-in lies a list (and a screenshot) of all vendors found in the Valley of Trials.


Zlagk is the Trial of Valleys Butcher, and can be located north of the entrance to the Den. He sells a variety of meat and drink. He cannot repair items, but is found near Duokna.


The General Vendor for the Valley of Trials, Duokna is beside Zlagk to the north of the entrance to the Den. She sells throwing weapons, bullets, arrows, bread and water. She cannot repair items.


Huklah serves as the Cloth and Leather Armor Merchant inside the Den, and is found beside both Rarc and Kzan Thornslash. As his title suggests, he can sell you cloth and leather armor, and as an armor merchant can repair your items.the Abbey.


Rarc is the Armorer and Shield Crafter, selling Mail for Warriors and Shields for Shamans and Warriors both. He is found inside the Den beside Kzan Thornslash and Huklah, and as an Armorer he can repair your items.

Kzan Thornslash

One of the few people with a full name in the Valley, Kzan is the Weaponsmith for the Valley and can be found within the Den alongside Huklah and Rarc. A variety of weapons can be purchased from him, and as a smith he can repair your items.


Characters that, as the title suggests, give quests for you.


The first NPC you see in the game, literally right in front of you as you start off. He gives you the 'Your Place in the World' quest which starts off the main quest line.


The second quest NPC you will talk to for the main quest line, he gives both 'Cutting Teeth', 'Sting of the Scorpid', and your class letter when you reach level 2. He is found just within the entrance to the Den.

Zureetha Fargaze

The third and final quest NPC in the main quest line, she gives 'Vile Familiars', 'Burning Blade Medallion' and 'Report to Sen'jinn Village'. She is found just past the wagon at the front of the Den.


The first secondary quest NPC you will find, he is found at the cooking area with Zlagk and Duokna to the north of the entrance to the Den. He gives you 'Galgar's Cactus Apple Surprise'.

Foreman Thrazz'ril

The next secondary quest NPC, he is found north-east of the Den up the path. He gives both 'Lazy Peons' and 'Thrazz'ril's Pick'.

Canaga Earthcaller

A quest NPC only for Shamans when they reach level 4, he gives the Earth Totem. He is found west of the entrance to the Den by the Shaman Trainer.


A quest NPC only for Warlocks, he gives the Summon: Imp spell. He is found west of the entrance to the Den with the majority of the class trainers.

Class Trainers

Trainers for all the classes open to the Orcs and Trolls may be found around or in the Den. They will teach you new abilities every 2nd level (2, 4, 6, 8.etc), and as you upgrade your skills the more powerful and adaptable your character becomes. When you complete the 'Cutting Teeth' quest and are given a note, you are told to proceed to your class trainer to get your new abilities. Remember to return every 2nd level to your trainer.

Warlock and Demon Trainer

Nartok and Hruag

The Warlock trainer, Nartok, can be found in the deepest part of the Den, and beside him is the Demon trainer, Hruag. While the Warlock will teach you abilities, you must buy abilities for your pets (like your new Imp) from the Demon trainer.

Warrior Trainer


The Warrior trainer Frang can be found west of the Den, under the hut beside the wagon.

Shaman Trainer


The Shaman trainer, Shikrik, can be found between the wagons west of the Den, huddled with the other trainers.

Priest Trainer


The Priest trainer Ken'jai can be found between the wagons west of the Den, huddled with the other trainers.

Mage Trainer


The Mage trainer Mai'ah can be found between the wagons west of the Den, huddled with the other trainers.

Rogue Trainer


The Rogue trainer, Rawg, can be found at the first bend within the Den.

Hunter Trainer


The Hunter trainer, Jen'shan, can be found under the hut beside the wagon west of the Den.

Enemies of The Valley of Trials

There are a variety of mobs to fight within the Valley of Trials walls, to the local beasts to the Coven that's holed up to the north. This section deals with the hostile targets you will find in the Valley.

Mottled Boar


Level 1-2

Mottled Boars can be found north of the Den of Trials roaming the grounds. These, as yellow named monsters, will not attack you unless you attack first, in which case they will take revenge quickly. Boars are used in the Cutting Teeth quest.

Scorpid Worker


Level 3

Scorpid Workers can primarily be found scurrying along the east wall of the Valley of Trials. As yellow named mobs, they will not attack you; however they will quickly retaliate if you attempt to take them down. Their tails (obtained on their deaths) are used in the Sting of the Scorpid quest.

Vile Familiar


Level 3-4

Vile Familiars can be found in the Burning Blade Covens grounds to the north of the Den of Trials gibbering your death. These vile creatures, pun intended, are the first red named monsters you'll encounter in the Valley of Trials; thus, they will attack you if you come near to them. Be wary of getting caught in groups of Imps, or too close when you aren't prepared. They are used in the two Vile Familiars quests, one for Warlocks only and one for everyone in the zone.



Level 3-4

Felstalkers are the watch dogs of the Burning Blade. Found within their cave to the north of the Den of Trials, these demons are red named monsters, and thus will begin to gnaw on you if you draw too close. Their hooves, harvested on their death, are used in the Shaman Call of Earth quest line.



Level 4

Sarkoth is the crazed beast that resides on the plateau above the Den of Trials, hug the western wall and you'll see the ramp up to his domain, and the poisoned Hana'zua on the ground by the tree. He is the only red named scorpid in this area, and will attack you if you come too close. His mangled claw, obtained on his death, is the objective of the Sarkoth quest line.

Yarrog Baneshadow


Level 5

Yarrog Baneshadow is the leader of the Burning Blade Coven in the Valley of Trials area. Found deep within the upper level of their cave overlooking his gibbering Imps and slavering Felstalkers, he is a red-named mob that will attack anyone that comes near with spells. Holding the Burning Blade Medallion in a death grip, for the quest of the same name, it must be removed from his dead body to progress along the main quest line.


Now that you've gone this far the World of Warcraft is yours for the taking! Written by Trippin.

Further Questions/Concerns

If you think we left out anything in this guide or got any of the information wrong, or just want to drop some comments about it, don't hesitate to post.

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