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This event went live with Patch 1.3 June 22, 2011.

Abyssal legions gather their power from black depths of the ocean, while the horrors of Hammerknell Fortress stir in anticipation of being unleashed. As an Ascended, you must stand against these nameless horrors, or all the world shall drown.

Waves of Madness is the event leading up to the opening of the raid instance Hammerknell Fortress. There are five phases of this event and many special invasions that take place in Moonshade Highlands. During this event you will be rewarded with Rune King's Seals by:

  • Completing daily quests
  • Closing water and death rifts
  • Completing certain dungeons
  • Participating in event specific encounters
  • Looting event specific items like debris, floating debris, and runed vessels

The Rune King's Seal can be traded to Runeguard merchants that are located in Meridian and Sanctum.

The Runeguard Dwarves take refuge in both Meridian and Sanctum after their caravan is attacked by Abyssals. Upon speaking with them you will learn of the recent attacks on various dwarven establishments and peoples of Moonshade Highlands. The Runeguard speak of sailors and fishermen who have gone missing and families found drowned in their own homes. They also speak of large numbers of Abyssals in and around Runic Descent.

This event boasts many new features including:

  • Event specific major invasions
  • New bosses
  • New currency and gear to purchase
  • New collections
  • New monsters
  • New rifts (including underwater rifts)

Phase 5: A Celebration of Light

Phase 5 went live on July 27, 2011.

The dual threats of the Abyssal and the Endless have been quelled, for now. With the opening of the doors of Hammerknell Fortress, the Ascended seek glory and riches within its mysterious depths.

Daily Quests

Quest Series


These achievements can only be earned during this event.

Repeatable Quests

The repeatable quests offered for this event can by obtained from the Runeguard found in each major city. The quests remain the same for both Guardian and Defiant, though some may have slightly different names.

Only certain quests are available during each phase. Not all 21 quests are available at any one point.

Runeguard Quests
A Dire Threat Ocean Friends
A Splash of Vengeance Sea of Death
A Storm Brewing Shell Comes to Telara
Blame the Plane Something Fishy
Cannonfire Stopping the Flood
Fallen Rain Swift Action
Gathering Shadows Time to Serve
Grave Consequences Touched by the Rain
If It Slithers, Kill It Treasures of the Runegaurd
Legendary Libations War for Hammerknell
Lighting the Sky Augmenting Wardstones

Runeguard Gear

General Items
Vial of Abyssal Water 10
Blue Shell Crab 250
Rune of the Abyssal Apprentice 350
Brew of the Abyssal Apprentice 350
Endless Marauder's Spiked Shoulders 500
Endless Skull Helm 500
Puffy Dwarven Toque 500
Rune of the Sea Squall 500
Happy Seacap 500
Touch of the Abyss 500
Luminescent Conch Shell 500
Barnacle Encrusted Source Machine 1000
Cleric Items
Barnacle Encrusted Lockett 75
Lesser Glittering Deepstone 75
Lesser Barnacle Encrusted Lockett 125
Glittering Deepstone 125
Greater Barnacle Encrusted Lockett 250
Greater Glittering Deepstone 250
Exalted Barnacle Encrusted Lockett 500
Exalted Glittering Deepstone 500
Mage Items
Barnacle Encrusted Pendant 75
Lesser Coruscating Deepstone 75
Lesser Barnacle Encrusted Pendant 125
Coruscating Deepstone 125
Greater Barnacle Encrusted Pendant 250
Greater Coruscating Deepstone 250
Exalted Barnacle Encrusted Pendant 500
Exalted Coruscating Deepstone 500
Rogue Items
Barnacle Encrusted Choker 75
Lesser Shimmering Deepstone 75
Lesser Barnacle Encrusted Choker 125
Shimmering Deepstone 125
Greater Barnacle Encrusted Choker 250
Greater Shimmering Deepstone 250
Exalted Barnacle Encrusted Choker 500
Exalted Barnacle Encrusted Torc 500
Exalted Shimmering Deepstone 500
Warrior Items
Barnacle Encrusted Chain 75
Lesser Scintillating Deepstone 75
Lesser Barnacle Encrusted Chain 125
Scintillating Deepstone 125
Greater Barnacle Encrusted Chain 250
Greater Scintillating Deepstone 250
Exalted Barnacle Encrusted Chain 500
Exalted Scintillating Deepstone 500

Official Trailer

Take a look at what's coming to Rift in Update 1.3.

Completed Phases

Phase 1: From the Black Depths

Phase 1 ran from June 22, 2011 to June 28, 2011

The Abyssal are launching new rifts and invasions across the world. Visit Sanctum or Meridian to learn how you can help defend Telara and earn Rune King's Seals, which can be traded to obtain legendary items of the Runegard.

This is the introduction phase to the event. Merchant and Runeguard NPCs will show up in Meridian and Sanctum informing the Ascended of their plight and offering great rewards for any aid.


Repeatables - triggered by a Worn Treasure Map. Different colored maps start different quests

Event Questline

  1. A Storm Brewing - The Crystal Remembrancer can be found behind the final boss in Runic Descent in both normal and expert modes.
  2. The Heir of Hammerknell - Search Telara for the scattered Rune Clues (click link the quest for specific locations). Completing this quest rewards 25 seals with an addition 40 from turning in the collection.


Rare Bosses - 25 Rune King's Seals each kill

Runebound Technology

During this zone invasion the Ascended will be forced to destroy Runebound Tech. These are found scattered throughout the zone and can be destroyed by visiting the marker on the map to gain the buff "Unbinding Light". With the buff head towards one of the techs and as soon as you get close they will be destroyed.

Throughout this invasion many Slaughter Jaw will spawn and attack the various NPC encampments.

Phase 2: Against the Storm

This phase ran from June 29, 2011 to July 7, 2011.

Jornaru has seized the steps of Hammerknell Fortress in Moonshade Highlands and is conducting a ritual to summon a powerful tempest. Close water rifts, defeat Abyssal invaders and destroy their Colossi across Telara to sever his connection to the Plane of WAter before the storm rips Telara apart.

This phase will introduce two new water rifts. One of them you must defend yourself against attacking waves of invaders. Each of these has new water rift scenery and rewards King's Seals. These new rifts will also spawn in every zone in the game, so everyone has an opportunity to participate and earn seals.


Repeatables - This is in addition to the treasure maps from Phase 1

Event Questline

  1. Storm Summoner - This quest simply requires you to visit the gates of Hammerknell and witness Jomaru's summoning ritual.

Waves of Madness

This phase is very similar to a standard zone wide invasion event and begins with a zone wide announcement. The Ascended must defeat 45 of Jornaru's invasions and 14 of his rifts all while defending four wardstones spread throughout Stillmoor, Shimmersand, or Iron Pine Peak.

However, this event can spawn considerably more difficult rifts than a standard zone invasion. Expect to see minor rifts that have non elite mobs with 30,000+ health and bosses with 140,000+ health. The major rift's bosses can have near one million health.

When all of the required invasions and rifts have been dealt with this zone wide message is heard:

Bloodtide Fanatic shouts, "Rally, my Abyssal brethren! Show these ascended the might of Akylios!"
Jonaru shouts, "You cannot stop the Abyssal from discovering the secrets of Hammerknell!"

The invasion objective will update with Defeat the Abyssal Invader. Two Abyssal Invader will spawn on opposite sides of the zones. After slaying them you will collect 25 Rune King's Seals and a Inscribed Sourcestone if you are lucky.

Phase 3: Return of the Shade

Phase 3 ran from 7/7/2011 to 7/16/2011

The doors of Hammerknell are cracked and the horrors within now run rampant across Telara. Your only chance to end this nightmare is to collect Death Shards to charge an ancient Rune Cannon that can grant you entry into the Fortress. Collect this sourcestone by closing death rifts, defeating Endless invaders and completing Runic Descent. Deliver them to the Runeguard collectors scattered throughout the world.

All quests scale to the players level.

Repeatable Quests All prior Treasure Cache quests are still in play.

Daily Quests

Item-Triggered Quests All of the treasure maps quests are still active along with the torn scraps.

Jornaru's Seal

Runic Shard

Quest Series

Tekro Barkuul

  1. Building Cannons - Visit the Runeguard restoring cannons at the gates of Hammerknell Fortress

A Clash of Power

In this event the Ascended must prevent the warring Water and Death invasions from tearing apart Telara during their feud. In the first part of this event two Massive Shade Idols and two Massive Tidal Cores will spawn. One of each will be placed on opposing sides of a zone. They will quickly begin spewing out elite invasion forces.

The Ascended must defend wardstones while dealing with these massive footholds. Each foothold has over a large amount of health and a continuous stream of invasions to help defend it. After all four footholds have been eradicated Warden of Corruption and Tidal Destroyer will spawn and head towards the remaining wardstones. Here they intend to destroy each other, but not before killing every Ascended that happens to cross their paths.

With the Warden and Destroyer defeated all that is left is to collect your 25 Rune King's Seal.

Phase 4: A Light in the Dark

Phase 4 went live at 2:45pm PT July 16, 2011.

With Jornaru defeated, the Abyssal forces are on the run. However, the endless cult is stronger than ever. Once again, aid the Runeguard in pushing back the forces of death.

All quests scale to the players level.

Daily Quests

Item-Triggered Quests All of the treasure maps quests are still active along with the torn scraps.

Runic Shard

Quest Series

  1. Cannonfire - Visit the Runeguard at the gates of Hammerknell Fortress

The Blight

This zone invasion is quite a treat. This event will start off with a zone announcement regarding the Cysts that have developed in the zone. The Ascended work together in defeating invasions in order to obtain a buff called "Shadefire Orb". With this buff an Ascended can stand near the cannons (Defiant) or catapults (Guardian) that can be found near any zone cysts. A shot will be fired at the Shade Cyst. Camps for both Defiant and Guardians can be found near each of the Cysts.

After the required shots have been fired at a given Cyst its barrier will drop. This will cause a death colossus to spawn. The colossus will spawn and be level appropriate to the zone it is in and have similar health to that of a typical zone boss. After dispatching the Cysts and colossi the event will complete and you will be rewarded with an epic quality sourcestone appropriate for the zone that the event took place in.

ZAM would like to thank Envere, Guild Leader of Nexilis on Keenblade for some of the information in this article.

Waves of Madness
World Event

Rift: Patch 1.3

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