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With Rift patch 1.7 players will be able to get married! It will cost players 1 plat to get married, and 5 plat to run a wedding ceremony. Testers report that same-gender marriages are allowed.

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The Wedding Coordinators are located in your capital city. For Defiants, this will be Quchi Bora on the bottom floor of Orphiel's Spire. Guardians will find their Coordinator, Lada Freen, towards the back of Mariel-Taun’s Village.

The Marriage Coordinator also sells a Wedding Planner for 10 0 , a book with extensive instructions on in-game matrimony and the wedding instances (such as how to invite up to 200 guests). You'll also want to purchase a Marriage Contract for 1 0 0  from the coordinator.

Marriage Ceremony

If you purchase the marriage ceremony instance from the marriage coordinator for 5 0 0 , you can enter the instance by right-clicking the ceremony item and transport in your entire group and/or raid. The ceremony items are either Wedding Ceremony Instance Creator (Defiant) or Wedding Ceremony Instance Creator (Guardian).

The two persons being wedded must speak to the coordinators to designate which will be the applicant of the Sun and the Moon, and then the official can be spoken to at the altar to begin the wedding.

During the ceremony the two people being married will interact with the jars of the Sun and Moon and later with coins to signify their bonding. When it comes time to give your vows, one of the people must use their Marriage Contract on the other to ask if they want to be married. Using the /kiss emote on each other will then conclude the ceremony. All players in attendance will get the Wedding Witness achievement, including the newlywed couple! The couple will also each receive a Gold Wedding Ring.

After the ceremony is completed there is a reception area with cake, a feast and wedding gifts. All players inside the ceremony instance can interact with these items. Opening the wedding gifts will give each person one item for the Telaran Wedding Mementos artifact collection. Each person who interacts with the gifts will have a one hour cooldown buff before they can get another gift, assuming they remain in the instance long enough.

The ceremony instance is completely optional. A marriage can take place simply by using the Marriage Contract on another player.


You can purchase divorce papers for 20 0  from the wedding coordinators. Wedding Rings now get converted into Used Wedding Rings if they are equipped at the time of divorce. Married players who transfer shards will automatically be divorced.

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World Record Contest

This contest ended at 9am PST on February 15, 2012. Find out the results here.

Trion is trying to set a Guinness World Record for in-game weddings on Valentine's Day 2012. Everyone who participates (and only those who do!) will receive the exclusive in-game title "the Avowed" to commemorate your contribution! For more information, see Save the Date – Get hitched and be part of a world record this Valentines Day!


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