DeveloperCarbine Studios
Server HostingNCSoft
Official Sitehttp://www.wildstar-online.com/en/

WildStar is an upcoming MMORPG from NCSoft. Judging from the gameplay and cinematic trailers we have seen, if you imagine an Anime Firefly, you have it. WildStar is the wild west in space. You are a colonist on a newly-discovered frontier world. Carnivorous (and mobile) plants, ancient technology and your fellow sentients can make this a very dangerous place, but it is also a world of opportunity.

Carbine made the big reveal on 8/17/2011 and are taking applications for Beta.

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wildstarsource.com (a ZAM Network site) is your source for news and forums regarding WildStar.

What We Know So Far

You will have the choice to advance by defending the settlement (Path of the Soldier), by discovering new places and lifeforms (Path of the Explorer), by developing new technologies and discovering ancient ones (Path of the Scientist), or by taming the wilderness (Path of the Settler). All players will also have access to basic quests (Kill 10 Rats).

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