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This is a 10-man Raid Rift Event, opened by use of a Lure: Winds of Chaos. It can be done by any number up to and exceeding a 20-man raid. A 10-man raid would have to be very geared up.

All DPS should pick up the sourcestones in the center (diagonally striped and tapered), whenever they are available, for the 30% damage buff they provide. These spawn throughout all rift phases.

Phase 1


Adds Spawned

  • Thunderwing Autarch: Puts a melee/spell range reducing debuff on nearby players.
  • Health: 88,720

Phase Boss

  • Air Nexus
  • Health: 332,700
  • Abilities:
    • Fork Lightning: Targets highest threat target and does an AoE dmg+pushback.


There are 4 idols that spawn at the start of this phase, 1 in each corner. These link lightning bolts that tick for 1.2k damage on DPS between each other. If you cannot see them, never stand in between them. The patterns they form are usually a square and a X.

The birds will be picked up by one tank, and the other tank will try their best to maintain ranged threat on the the Air Nexus. The birds should be pulled far out of the center to avoid them debuffing the raid. Healers will most likely have to move in close to the center to be in healing range.

Phase 2



The idols will still be up in this phase, so it is recommended that you tank them outside of the rift. This is a tank and spank phase, just don't get cleaved.

Phase 3


  • Stormlord Aelaas: Teleports around the rift. Must be killed at or near the same time as Zeluus.
  • Health: 532,320

  • Stormlord Zeluus: Teleports around the rift. Must be killed at or near the same time as Aelaas.
  • Health: 532,320
  • Abilites:
    • Thunderbolt: Cast on the tank. Hits for around 2k.


Storm Idols are still up in this phase.

Both Stormlords should be marked, and one should be designated as the primary DPS target. When target #1 gets low, DPS will swap to the other and kill it. Immediately after, they will finish off DPS target #1.

Phase 4



Idols now despawn. It is best to have each tank pick up 1 group and AoE them down in the center of the rift.

Phase 5


Adds spawned

  • Storm Whelp
  • Health: 8,872
  • Abilites:
    • Aura of Wind: Reduces incoming damage by 10%. Stacks.
    • Knockback: Knocks anyone in melee range back 10-15meters.

Phase Boss

  • Ruciath
  • Health: 1,330,800
  • Abilities:
    • Lightning Breath: 2 second cast time. Hits for around 2k. Can be resisted.
    • Void Zone: Ticks for around 600. Spawned on the tank.
    • Mighty Cleave: Hits for about 6.5k.
    • Tail Sweep: Knockback with brief stun


Ruciath will be picked up, keeping him facing away from the raid. Melee will position themselves on the side of him at max melee range to prevent getting randomly instagibbed (he likes to do that) and tail swiped.

The other tank will grab adds as they spawn and tank them off to the side. No DPS needs to be assigned to these, as they despawn when Ruciath summons more.

Comments and Suggestions

Tank Damage: Fairly high during most phases but the first and third.

Raid Damage: Most damage is avoidable, except for the first phase. Damage is extremely high in the first phase.

Suggested Raid Composition:

  • 2 Tanks
  • 3 Healers (or 2 healers and 1 support)
  • 5 DPS

ZAM would like to thank Isomalt of Unstable for the entire walkthrough.

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