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Remember that the wiki does not care about case when referring to a page or template name, so although the following shows the names properly cased the wiki does not care if you use proper case, all lower case, or even all upper case when calling a template!

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Class Templates

Zone Templates

  • Instanced - for instanced zones, except raids
  • Raid - for raid instanced zones

Area Templates

  • WoW Area - Displays a link to a zone page with the sub-link to the named area on that page.

Quest Templates

Quest Chain (Series)

  • QSInfo - Right-side info box with stats on a Quest Series, used only on Quest Series pages.

Mob Templates

Auto Templates

The following templates are auto-included at the top or bottom of all db pages and contain NO information usable by editors, so just ignore them!

Credit Templates

Miscellaneous Templates

  • WoW Loc - displays map coordinates, linked to Navigation.
  • WoW Profession - displays an information box for a tradeskill profession will relevant links.
  • Alliance15 - displays an inline 15px icon for the Alliance.
  • Alliance32 - displays an inline 32px icon for the Alliance.
  • Horde15 - displays an inline 15px icon for the Horde.
  • Horde32 - displays an inline 32px icon for the Horde.
  • WoW Coin - Use to display coin amounts with little icons of the coins.
  • EoTS - Displays the Eye of the Storm Mark of Honor.
  • WSG - Displays the Warsong Gulch Mark of Honor.
  • AV - Displays the Alterac Valley Mark of Honor.
  • AB - Displays the Arathi Basin Mark of Honor.

Achievement Templates

  • Dehta32 - displays an inline 32px icon for the D.E.H.T.A. achievement.

Global Templates

A few global templates that you will use alot are:

  • Stub - Marks the page as a Stub in need of some loving!
  • OoC - Out of Character. Use this for notes that reference real-world things that relate to the in-game information. This can be the title of a movie or song that a quest name is a reference to, or links to Wikipedia for notes on real-world mythology for things such as Dragons or Unicorns.
  • Trivia - You might use this to link a WoW page to lore from the Warcraft series of games.
  • Typo - Use this to note something that is misspelled in game, to show that we KNOW it is misspeled but we have to keep it this way.
  • Wikify - put this on a page if you don't know how to fully wikify it, so that a more knowledgeable editor will come along and clean up your information.
See: Global Template Users Guide for the complete list.


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