WoW Tips and Tricks  

WoW Tips and Tricks

  • Pressing Shift + B opens up all of your packs. Makes selling easier. You can also shift-click any bag in the toolbar to open/close them all. Or, Bind your bag opening key to �Open all bags� instead.

  • Holding down Alt causes you to select yourself as the target for spells, buffs, etc. F1 does this as well. F2-F5 selects your fellow party members. If they have a pet, hitting their F key twice will select the pet.

  • Be sure to log out inside of an Inn or major town to build up your rest bonus. This bonus is determined by how long you are in the rest area (captial cities count in their enterity) and caps at approximately 1.5 levels worth of xp doubling which takes about 2 weeks in a rest area to hit.

This time accrues whether you are logged in or not so ALWAYS log in an inn or capital city.

  • Shift + Right click to auto loot kills, crafting nodes, chests, and any world object that can be manipulated.

  • Shift + Left Click either posts an item into the chat window as a link if you have chat open, or it splits a stack of items. This can also be used to select how many of a non-stacked item you want to buy from a vendor.

  • Clicking on a name in the chat window sends that person a tell.

  • Shift + Clicking on a name in chat performs a /who

  • With a teammate targetted, typing /assist will fight what they target. In the default configuration, �F� will select their target. If you�re running a pet, F1-F1-F will select whatever your pet is aggro�d on.

  • Not so much at trick, but faction discounts apply to the flyers and trainers as well, so don�t be so quick to throw away newbie quests that you forget to complete - they help out in the long run. Be aware that the reputation received from a quest drops off sharply when it goes grey, unless the quest is a high-profile one for that faction (i.e. Defias for Stormwind). Also, many quests give reputation bonuses in more than one faction; you see this a lot with Ironforge/Gnomeregan Exiles. Finally, if you hover over a quest-giving NPC, the game now tells you in the tooltiip which faction they�re aligned with.

  • The command /random # # makes dice rolls between the two numbers specified (ex: /random 1 100 will roll randomly (1-100)). It�s useful for quests and such, as I always use it to roll for chests or veins of ore, etc.

  • Go Swimming There are often chests at the bottom of lakes aswell as mineral nodes that won�t show up on radar until you are submerged. (the lake outside Loch Modan (sp) is Amazing for tier 1 and has 5 chest spawns that I have found so far)

  • Increase the range of your �Target nearest� key. Go into your WTF folder and edit the file. Add the following line at the bottom:

SET TargetNearestDistance �40.000000″

  • The Auction House will respond to you much quicker if you narrow your search range. If nothing else, use the level range boxes, and search by armor/weapon category. Also, using the text-string search box is the fastest way I�ve found to find consumables.

  • of the : These are paired stat bonuses based on the animal type, and they will always have the same two stats paired. If you�re looking for stat buffing armor, and you know what stats you want, search Auction House for the following animals:

Bear: Strength, Stamina

Boar: Strength, Spirit

Eagle: Intellect, Stamina

Falcon: Intellect, Agility

Gorilla: Strength, Intellect

Monkey: Agility, Stamina

Owl: Intellect, Spirit

Tiger: Strength, Agility

Whale: Spirit, Stamina

Wolf: Agility, Spirit

  • To make fast cash when you�re really bored, farm -5/-6 humanoid creatures. They drop Linen/Wool/Silk, all of which sell very well in AH if you put low buyouts. They also drop more copper/silver than comparable beasts, demons, dragonkin, or elementals.

  • Cooked food stacks to higher amounts than raw food. By training cooking, you can double a single slot�s worth of storage, and get more benefit.

  • While on autorun, hold down the right mouse button to steer. Easier to make small course corrections this way.

  • To learn more about your guild (How many actual players there are, for instance) Type /ginfo

  • Don�t want to use a mod to speed up that quest text? Use these scripts instead

Speedy Quest



/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Quest�s are now SUPER SPEEDY!");

Regular Quest



/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Quest�s are now regular speed!");

  • Alt-Z will hide your UI and makes for better screenshots.

  • V will bring up health bars under the names of everything you can see, and switch it off again.

  • Hunters, If you and your pet get in over your head and you want to keep the pet alive, set the pet to �stay� and run away. If you can get out of range before the pet dies, the pet will unsummon itself. You can then instantly call it back to you once you have reached safety. It�s a lot quicker and less mana and food intensive than having to rezz and feed the pet.

  • In the key bindings there�s a thing called camera flip. By default it�s not bound to anything. It flips the camera view so you�re looking at yourself from the front instead of the back. May be useful when running away and want to see if mobs are still chasing you.

  • Mail is the great extra bank account. Create a level 1 alt. Mail it all your stuff you want to save. It can sit on that guy for 29 days. Then have it use the return option to send them back to your main for another 29 days.

  • You can fish while waiting on a boat. Do not stand too close to the edge though, because the boat will knock you off the dock and into the water.

  • Ask guards in town for directions. Now press m and you will see a red flag marking where you need to go.

  • For high levels that want to level up skills. Head to Scarlet Monastery and attack the Scarlet Chaplans. They HoT themselves and heal for a decent amount. so long as you dont out damage you can basically attack them indefintely.

  • Also for leveling up wands attack a caster. You resist 99% of there spells and so can easily skill up that way.

  • To see what class/lvl/guild someone is on the chat hold shift and left click their name it basicly does a /who on them

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