World PvP (WoW)  

World PvP differs a lot from Battlegrounds in the sence that there is no objective other than killing your opponent. World PvP occurs a lot on PvP servers due to that players are flaged for pvp when in contested areas. While there is no objective you still do get honor for killing the opposite faction.

On PVE servers some people like to run into lowbee zones and kill all NPCs to pick a fight and get the opposite faction to participate in World PvP. An example of this is The Barrens zone The cross roads. This is called greifing. If you happen to run into this type of situation either ask for help from higher level players. ( Once the Alliance get steamrolled a few times they will leave). Or if they continue to kill Quest NPC's simply report them.

One thing to remember in world pvp is that if you flag your self and you are being repeatidly killed just simply wait 5 mins for the flag to ware off and continue your questing. Now if you're on a PvP server make sure to have friends you quest with as you will have a higher chance of survival.

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World of Warcraft

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