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Zeni Notorious Monsters, or ZNMs, are popped NMs spawned by trading questable pop items to ???s scattered throughout Vana'diel. These monsters drop a variety of rare/ex pieces usable by many different jobs.

There are five tiers of ZNMs, and monsters become progressively more difficult with each increasing tier. Players must beat lower-tier ZNMs to obtain pop items for higher-tier ZNMs.


Gear benefiting all jobs drops from the various Zeni notorious monsters. Check out the list of ZNM Gear Drops for all the info.

ZNM Pop Items

Pop items can be purchased from Sanraku, near the zone to Al Zahbi in Aht Urhgan Whitegate, using a special currency called "Zeni." Sanraku will give you Zeni in exchange for pictures of certain monsters.

Step 1: Buy Photo Gear

Step 2: Learn Your Target

  • Zone into Aht Urhgan Whitegate and find Sanraku and Ryo near the zone to Al Zahbi.
  • Talk to Sanraku, then Ryo. Ask Ryo about Sanraku's current interests to find out which mobs to photograph.
  • Note: Sanraku's interest in monsters changes every couple of hours. Bringing him photos after his interests change can result in roughly a 50-percent reduction in the amount of Zeni he gives you.

Step 3: Photograph Your Target

  • Go find the monster you plan on shooting.
  • Equip your soultrapper in your ranged slot, and your soul plates in your ammo slot.
  • Stand in front of your monster and use the soultrapper from your inventory (similar to using an anima) to photograph the mob. To maximize the amount of zeni you are paid per photo, follow these tips:
    • Bring a sleeper and/or a full party.
    • Have claim on your mob.
    • Stand directly in front of the mob, within melee range, when you take your photo.
    • The lower the mob's HP, the more zeni you get. If possible, battle the mob until its HP is below 5 percent total health. Then sleep it, and continue to sleep it, while taking pictures.
    • Photograph higher-level mobs to get more zeni for your photos.
    • Pictures taken by the player that has the most hate on the mob will yield higher zeni results than those players that had less hate.

Step 4: Turn in your Photos

  • Head back to Sanraku and trade him your soul plates. ''Note: If you want to see how much your photos are worth beforehand, you can trade them to Ryo.
  • You can turn in 10 soul plates to Sanraku per game day.

Step 5: Get Your Pop Item

  • Talk to Sanraku and ask about the monsters. He will list the NMs by name.
  • Select an NM. He will tell you the zeni cost for the NM's pop item.
  • Agree to the cost, and buy the pop item.

The Zeni NM List

For a chart showing the various ZNMs and the order of which they need to be killed, check out this ZNM Flow Chart.

The Zeni NMs are organized by groups and tiers. Each ZNM will drop an item to unlock the next tier of ZNMs in its group -- these items are 100-percent drops. Trade those pop items to Sanraku to unlock the next ZNM tiers.

Below is a by-group listing of the first four tiers of ZNMs:

Tinnin Path, Tiers 1-4

Tier A1

Trade a trophy from one of these ZNMs to Sanraku for the key item Maroon Seal.


  • Gear Drops:Karura Hachigane, Sylphid Epee
  • Trophy Drop: Vulpangue's Wing
  • Pop Item: Hellcage Butterfly
  • Spawn Location: D-10, Wajaom Woodlands
  • Notes: Puk mob. Spams an AoE for 800-ish damage, which is blinkable. Recast utsusemi after every wind-shear move and limits the number of melee to prevent spam so that melee can keep up with utsu timers, or you will wipe. Better with low numbers. Mob is cured by elemental magic of the day of the week, along with wind damage. If you decide to Straight Tank this have all your dd and tanks against the wall. This will prevent knockback and gravity from spreading everyone out.


  • Gear drops:Erato's Cape, Dragoon's Earring
  • Trophy Drop: Chamrosh's Beak
  • Pop Item: Floral Nectar
  • Spawn Location: J-9, Mamook
  • Notes: Colibri mob. Uses Wisecrack (Charmga) once, also casts Aeroga 2 frequently. Reflects all magic cast against it (even blue magic). After charmga, he will regen to 100% usually and walk back to his spawn location with you in toe. He will not aggro upon de-charming. He will instant cast all spells and AM spells. Prefered strategy is to have a RDM spam dia on him to lock him into casting dia.

Cheese Hoarder Gigiroon

Tier A2

Trade a trophy from one of these ZNMs to Sanraku for the key item Apple Green Seal.

Iriz Ima

  • Gear drops: Ferrara, Avocat Pigaches
  • Trophy Drop: Iriz Ima's Hide
  • Pop Item: Senorita Pamama
  • Spawn Location: J-8, Bhaflau Thickets
  • Notes: Marid mob. Uses Onrush frequently, does not summon chigoes after TP moves like normal Marids do. Onrush resets hate, even if blocked by a shadow, and he uses it three or four times. Damage from Onrush seems to weaken drastically if out of melee range. Also uses Barrier Tusk (undispellable defense boost), Stampede (damage), Proboscis Shower (heals for ~200 hp), and Voracious Trunk (steals one buff from target, dispellable). Easily kited if your low on people, and easily straight tanked if you have enough people.

Iriri Samariri

  • Gear drops: Toad Mittens, Paddock Trousers
  • Trophy Drop: Iriri Samariri's Hat
  • Pop Item: Samariri Corpsehair
  • Spawn Location: F-7, Mamook
  • Notes: Poroggo mob. Summons small helper frogs throughout the battle. They are resistant or immune to sleep, but despawn when Iriri dies. Has Frog Chorus. Will cast aga spells and other nasty spells. Easily zerged down with a few dd 2 houring. Best to have a RDM cast diaga when Wartkin spawn to pull them away.

Lividroot Amooshah

  • Gear drops: Nobushi Kyahan, Reikyo Hairpin
  • Trophy Drop: Amooshah's Tendril
  • Pop Item: Oily Blood
  • Spawn Location: H-9, Bhaflau Thickets
  • Notes: Ameretat mob. Respawns three times throughout the fight when killed, each time harder than the one before. Uses Extremely Bad Breath (Deathga) during 4th form. Bring a stunner and not too many melee. The first 3 forms can be straight tanked with ease. Its best to get the 3rd form down to almost dead and then kite him to the tower nearby and kite the final form around it. Make sure your melee watch hate, and have a few back up tanks if things get nasty.

Tier A3

Trade the trophies from these ZNMs to Sanraku to obtain three key items: Charcoal Grey Seal, Chestnut-colored Seal and Deep Purple Seal.

Note: All Tier 3 mobs can drop up to two grips at random from the following: Thunder Grip, Earth Grip, Water Grip, Fire Grip, Wind Grip, Ice Grip,Light Grip, Dark Grip.

Armed Gears

  • Gear drops: Tomoe, Oracle's Gloves, Aurum Sabatons
  • Trophy Drop: Armed Gears' Fragment, grants Charcoal Grey Seal
  • Pop Item: Ferrite
  • Spawn Location: G-11 runic portal map, Alzadaal Undersea Ruins
  • Notes: Gear mob. Frequently heals itself. Very high defense, elemental weakness based on enspell it casts on itself. Manaburn or mage-heavy setup recommended. 100% - 50% does not take melee damage very well. It is recommended to have 2-3 BLMS to get it down below 50% when its first gear will drop off. Also the first 50% has AOE Rail Cannon, so melee should refrain for first 50%. After 50% when the first gear drops Melee damage becomes better and Rail Cannon becomes conical instead of AOE. After 25% the second gear will drop leaving one. All damage becomes non-resistant and Rail Cannon becomes single target. After losing 2 gears he gains access to a move that will regrow a gear.

Gotoh Zha the Redolent

  • Gear drops: Enkidu's Mittens, Aurum Cuisses, Naglering
  • Trophy Drop: Gotoh Zha's Necklace, grants Deep Purple Seal
  • Pop Item: Sheep Botfly
  • Spawn Location: F-5, Wajaom Woodlands
  • Notes: Mamool Ja mob. Casts tier-three -aga magic and white magic. Uses Manafont and Benediction. Also uses Groundburst. Is easier in BLM then WHM mode. Will always use Warm-up before Groundburst. If he doesn't use Groundburst right away, just wait, as he will use it. It may be possible to zerg him down in BLM mode without him changing to prevent Benediction. Does not use Groundburst in BLM I believe. He has access to both Manafont and Benediction in corresponding forms. A critical hit has the chance of breaking his staff, or he can throw it away. Upon losing his staff he will change into WHM. In WHM mode he will double/triple attack and gains a higher damage resistance.


  • Gear drops: Cletine, Enkidu's Subligar, Oracle's Pigaches
  • Trophy Drop: Dea's Horn, grants Chestnut-colored Seal
  • Pop Item: Olzhiryan Cactus
  • Spawn Location: F-7, Bhaflau Thickets
  • Notes: Wivre mob. Frequently uses Demoralizing Roar, followed by Crippling Slam (AoE damage + paralyze). Melee should sub nin to blink the damage and paralysis from slam. Manaburn or mage-heavy setup recommended. Alternately, a stunner for Crippling Slam works as well. Can be duo'd by kiting around one of the towers with one character while ranged DDing with the other. If you are not mage heavy DD will work fine. Preferred method is to pull it across the zone to the tower and kite there. Inform your DD to stay on its back side or run when they get hate due to conical TP attack which will 1 shot anyone in front of it within a huge range.

Tier A4

Trade the trophy from this ZNM to Sanraku for the key item Lilac-colored Seal.


  • Gear drops: Oracle's Cap, Enkidu's Cap, Enkidu's Harness, Hachiryu Sune-Ate, Alkalurops, Shusui, Hydra Fang, Hydra Meat, Hydra Scale
  • Trophy Drop: Tinnin's Fang
  • Pop Item: Monkey Wine
  • Spawn Location: Wajaom Woodlands Islet, accessible from H-13 in Wajaom Woodlands
  • Notes: Hydra mob. ALL PARTICIPANTS NEED A SICKLEMOON SALT (500 points) TO ACCESS THE FIGHT. Starts fight at 50% health with one head. Later in the battle, a second head will spawn, and he is healed 25% health. Eventually a third head is spawned, which heals him for another 25% and gives him access to Nerve Gas (if all 3 heads are up at any point). Ranged/BLM damage recommended to avoid AoE damage. Heads are removable by critical hits. Melee should sub nin to absorb Trembling. Uses Mighty Strikes once.

Sarameya Path, Tiers 1-4

Tier B1

Trade a trophy from one of these ZNMs to Sanraku for the key item Cerise Seal.

Brass Borer

  • Gear drops: Ritterhentzes, Lion Tamer
  • Trophy Drop: Brass Borer's Cocoon
  • Pop Item: Shade Leaf
  • Spawn Location: I-7, Mount Zhayolm
  • Notes: Wamouracampa mob. High defense, manaburn/kite strategy recommended. Cannonball does up to 1500 damage from up close, significantly less when kiting. Uses cannonball on closest player regardless of who has hate, but only when player who has hate is within range.


  • Gear drops: Kerykeion, Almah Torque
  • Trophy Drop: Claret Globule
  • Pop Item: Pectin
  • Spawn Location: J-8, Mount Zhayolm
  • Notes: Clot mob. Does high physical damage. People standing near it receive a strong poison effect. Best strategy is to have melee open darkness skill chain and have 2+ BLMS burst with highest spell. Doing this will kill it instantly. Bursts do anywhere from 2k-3k damage.


  • Gear drops: Coiler, Attuner, Steam Jacket, Equalizer, Drum Magazine, Mana Channeler, Guignol Earring
  • Trophy Drop: Ob's Arm
  • Pop Item: Cog Lubricant
  • Spawn Location: G-7, Alzadaal Undersea Ruins
  • Notes: Automation mob. Very high damage from slapstick and magic mortar, can cure IV itself. Magic mortar damage increases when closer to Ob. Having a PUP in party/alliance can control what frames he is in. Level of PUP does not matter. Have your PUP use one wind maneuver once OB is up and he will change into RNG frame. In RNG frame he becomes very weak to damage. He still posses the ability to one shot your tank but usually dies too fast in RNG mode. Any other frame is recommended to Kite as magic Mortar will kill anyone it touches.

Tier B2

Trade a trophy from one of these ZNMs to Sanraku for the key item Salmon Seal.


  • Gear drops: Trilling Dagger, Hacchonenbutsu Dangozashi
  • Trophy Drop: Anantaboga's Heart
  • Pop Item: [[FFXI Item:Raw Buffalo
  • Spawn Location: E-6, Mount Zhayolm
  • Notes: Dahak mob, bard job. Sings Virelai (charm) and Horde Lullaby (sleepga) often. Silence recommended. Best to pull by nearby zone and have mages nuke and zone. Chamr doesnt last very long. Also he will absorb any buffs anyone has on, so its recommended to only eat food and not sue any Protect/Shell/ or buff songs/rolls.


  • Gear drops: Reacton Arm, Magic Strap
  • Trophy Drop: Reacton's Ashes
  • Pop Item: Bone Charcoal
  • Spawn Location: H-6, first map of Halvung
  • Notes: Bomb mob. As it grows in size, it casts higher and higher tier fire based spells. Gains access to Self Destructs at about 20% health. Highly resistant to stun. Attacks quickly. Easily tanked by PLD/WAR or PLD/NIN. Bombs around ??? respawn in 13 min. Has a nasty Burn effect that does 20-30 hp a tic. After it Mijins it will die thus ending the fight with drops. Mijin or no Mijin has zero effect on drop rate. Will still take a lot of damage with Stoneskin, Shell, Barfira, and Magus Roll.


  • Gear drops: Achilles' Spear, Ruby Seraweels
  • Trophy Drop: Dextrose's Blubber
  • Pop Item: Granulated Sugar
  • Spawn Location: J-6, Halvung
  • Notes: Flan mob. Sometimes runs away to heal itself off of nearby puddings for large amounts. Kill puddings near pop area first. Has access to Sleepga and other magic spells. Is double weak to magic so Skillchain + burst is recommended. PLD/WAR or PLD/NIN tank work well. Melee damage works well. Fluid Spread hurts so bring aoe cures.

Tier B3

Trade the trophies from these ZNMs to Sanraku to obtain three key items: Copper-colored Seal, Gold-colored Seal and Purplish-grey Seal.

Note: All Tier 3 mobs can drop up to two grips at random from the following: Thunder Grip, Earth Grip, Water Grip, Fire Grip, Wind Grip, Ice Grip,Light Grip, Dark Grip.


  • Gear drops: Labrys, Enkidu's Leggings, Aurum Gauntlets
  • Trophy Drop: Nosferatu's Claw, grants Purplish-grey Seal
  • Pop Item: Pure Blood
  • Spawn Location: E-9, Aydeewa Subterrane
  • Notes: Vampyr mob. Uses normal Vampyr TP moves, summons Fomor, bat, and undead dog pets during the fight in sets of 3. The mobs use a TP move and then despawn. Uses Astral Flow once, which summons all its pets, up to 8-9, at once for a TP move orgy. Is recommended to fight it near the zone. It will lose aggro if you cross water. Pet summoning can be stunned if stun is sued at start of animation. NIN or PLD work fine. It is best to have mages and DD nuke/WS and zone, while your tanks hold it at the bottom. Under 20% it will spam drainga which can be an issue. Drainga will heal depending on how many members it touches up 5-20%, so keep your members back.

Khromasoul Bhurborlor


  • Gear drops: Organics, Aurum Sabatons, Oracle's Braconi
  • Trophy Drop: Achamoth's Antenna, grants Copper-colored Seal
  • Pop Item: Rock Juice
  • Spawn Location: H-4, Halvung
  • Notes: Wamoura mob. Spawns a Wamouracampa once per minute that is weak to either melee or magic. Maximum of 2 can be out at once. The babies turn into moths if left out too long and become much harder to kill. Off-tanks recommended to pull them away. Alternately, you can pull it to a zoneline and have some designated to grab the spawns and zone them, which causes them to depop.

Tier B4

Trade the trophy from this ZNM to Sanraku for the key item Bright Blue Seal.


Tyger Path, Tiers 1-4

Tier C1

Trade a trophy from one of these ZNMs to Sanraku for the key item Pine Green Seal.


Lil' Apkallu

  • Gear drops: Numerist Pumps, Hakke Habaki
  • Trophy Drop: Lil' Apkallu's Egg
  • Pop Item: Greenling
  • Spawn Location: I-9, Arrapago Reef
  • Notes: Apkallu mob. Uses TP move yawn, an AoE sleep move, and runs in circles for about 30 seconds. Then it uses Wing Whirl, a high AoE damage move, up to three times in a row. Can use Hundred Fists multiple times. Resistant to stun, immune to gravity, bind and sleep. Bring poison pots to negate Yawn. While in running mode hate is calculated at zero, so its recommended to Nuke it hard while its running as hate is reset and no hate will be gained. Easily kited or straight tanked.


  • Gear drops: Blood Ring, Insect Ring
  • Trophy Drop: Chigre
  • Pop Item: Spoilt Blood
  • Spawn Location: E-8, Aydeewa Subterrane
  • Notes: Chigoe mob. Has enpetrify, encurse, enblind, enpoison, enparalyze, envirus, enslow, ensilence, and endrain. Hate from casting status cure spells much higher than normal while fighting this mob. Can not be one-shotted by crits/weapon-skills/job abilities like normal chigoes can. Bring meds, or have mages sub /whm. Hate is a bit weird in this fight and melee need to bring ACC setup as it has extremely high evasion. Has a tendencay to want to hit anyone without a status effect so by keeping your tanks clean of any status effect will help for hate.

Tier C2

Trade a trophy from one of these ZNMs to Sanraku for the key item Amber Seal.

Zareehkl the Jubilant

  • Gear drops: Zareehkl Jambiya, Zareehkl Scythe
  • Trophy Drop: Zareehkl's Neckpiece
  • Pop Item: Merrow No.11 Molting
  • Spawn Location: I-10, Arrapago Reef
  • Notes: Qutrub mob. When it uses Leaping Cleave, will use it 3 times consecutively instead of just once (similar to Kreutzet with Stormwind). Uses Blood Weapon at low HP. It is recommended to either pull to a different spot or if your going to straight tank it, have someone pop die before hand to pop the Lamaia that spawns upon someone dieing. This will prevent any accidental deaths from hurting the entire alliance. Takes melee damage well and is easily tanked.



  • Gear drops: Hissho Hachimaki, Riot Shield
  • Trophy Drop: Wulgaru's Head
  • Pop Item: Opalus Gem
  • Spawn Location: G-6, Alzadaal Undersea Ruins
  • Notes: Acrolith mob. Detonates parts of its body during battle. Each body part lost lowers its attack and defense. When it is only legs remaining, will stop attacking and begin running around in circles until killed. Easily straight tanked by PLD/WAR. Before the large arm is blown up have melee stand on small arm side. It will only take melee damage from small arms ide when it has both arms. After big arm blows up melee can spread out.

Tier C3

Trade the trophies from these ZNMs to Sanraku to obtain three key items: Taupe-colored Seal, Fallow-colored seal and Sienna-colored Seal.

Note: All Tier 3 mobs can drop up to two grips at random from the following: Thunder Grip, Earth Grip, Water Grip, Fire Grip, Wind Grip, Ice Grip,Light Grip, Dark Grip.

Mahjlaef the Paintorn

Experimental Lamia

  • Gear drops: Enkidu's Leggings, Mekki Shakki, Aurum Cuisses
  • Trophy Drop: Experimental Lamia's Armband, grants Taupe-colored Seal
  • Pop Item: Myrrh
  • Spawn Location: F-7, Dvucca Isle Staging Point
  • Notes: Lamia mob. Summons helpers (2 SAM, 1 RDM) once during the fight. These high have hp and should be dealt with early. They each also 2 hour. Tank the main mob from far away to avoid melee attacks/Hysteric Barrage. best strategy is to have alliance at south zone while the poppers and THF trek through the Reef to get to her spawn. Make sure the poppers are not in the alliance on the pull. Have poppers spawn her and pull her down to south zone, having the popper zone. From there have 2 people outside the alliance zoning her until pets spawn. Make sure the main alliance does not attack or engage her. Also make sure the zoners are not in a PT or Alliance. She does not aggro. Once pets spawn have zoners keep zoning her as the main alliance pulls 1 pet at a time. Once all pets are done, invite everyone back into your alliance and proceed to kill her. She has a conical Charm move she can use, but can be avoided if not facing her. There have also been reports of her glitching. If your tank stands at the zone line she has the possibility to freeze and not attack, or just freeze and use ranged attacks.

Tier C4

Trade the trophy from this ZNM to Sanraku for the key item Lavender-colored Seal.


Tier 5: The Pandemonium Warden

Once you have acquired the key items Lavender-colored Seal, Lilac-colored Seal and Bright Blue Seal, you can battle the Pandemonium Warden.

Pandemonium Warden

Sources: Allakhazam thread, "Guide to the New NM System," by Drexis.

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