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Arena gear is gained through Arena Points.

It is the PvP version of "Tier gear" (i.e. Tier 7), and will use equivalent itemization points (see Itemization Formulas) to that gear.

Arena gear is generally considered required to participate in PvP ever since the release of the Burning Crusade expansion, though some classes have moved away from using full arena gear in the more recent months. Classes without a defensive cooldown such as priests, shamans, druids, and warlocks are all encouraged to use primarily arena gear in PvP.

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In order to get Arena gear, you must first earn enough points to buy them, and in some cases, you also need your Personal Rating and Team Rating to be high enough.

The following price/rating requirements are for Season 5 gear.

Slot Hateful Point Value Hateful Rating Min Deadly Point Value Deadly Rating Min
Head 12000/ 700 1735 2250 1990
Shoulders 9600/ 550 1775 1800 2050
Gloves 7200/ 400 1615 1350 1750
Pants 12000/ 700 1645 2250 1810
Chest 12000/ 700 1675 2250 1870
Main hand weapon N/A N/A 3150 1930
Off hand weapon N/A N/A 1350 1930
Two handed weapon N/A N/A 4500 1930
Thrown Weapon/Wand N/A N/A 1200 1930
Ranged Weapon N/A N/A 4500 1930
Shield N/A N/A 2250 1930
Caster Offhand N/A N/A 1350 1930
Totems/Idols/Tomes N/A N/A 1200 1930

Hateful Gear can also be bought with Emblem of Valor, has this small chart shows:

Slot Emblem Cost
Chest 45
Helm 45
Glove 30
Pants 45
Shoulders 30

During The Burning Crusade expansion, past season gear was available for pve token or at a greatly reduced cost/rating requirement. While Blizzard said they intended to do something similar, it remains to be seen how this will be handled once Season 6 hits. Season 1, 2, 3 and 4's gear is no longer available in the game.


The Arena gear vendors can be found in Dalaran.

Emblems Vendors:

Hateful Gear Vendor:

Clicking on the vendor's link will take you to a list of the items they have for sale.

Class Specific Gear

Death Knight:











Arena gear is generally considered a poor choice for PVE, but this consideration doesn't apply to the weapons, which are actually quite powerful in their own right and prized as PVE items, just as much PVP items.

It is not uncommon for many dps classes to participate in Arenas for the sole intent of getting a weapon that they will then use for PVE purposes.

Slot Name Slot Name
One Hand Sword

Two Handed Sword

Off Hand Sword

Two Handed Mace

One Hand Mace Two Handed Axe
Off Hand Mace Polearm
Main Hand Claw Feral Druid Staff
Off Hand Claw Caster Dagger
One Handed Axe Caster Mace

Off Hand Axe Shield
One Hand Dagger Caster's Offhand
Off Hand Dagger


Thrown Weapon





Hunter Axe N/A - Not available for S5.



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